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Common Side Effects Of Contraceptives

The use of contraceptives in the world today has gone high compared to the olden days. Contraceptives do not only prevent women from getting pregnant but also act as an acne control and a reducing agent in cancer infection risks like ovarian cancer. However, contraceptives have a high chance of creating breakthroughs in breast cancer in women, even though the method is a good way of controlling unwanted pregnancies and other ureteral complications, recommendations from various doctors articulate that it should be used limitedly since it has side effects that may interfere with or bring complications to lives. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common side effects of contraceptives and how they affect women's livelihood.

The common side effects of contraceptives are;

1.      Sore Breast

Sore Breast

Contraceptives sometimes affect women’s hormonal systems. When on pills, some ladies experience pain in their breasts to the armpit. This is caused by hormonal changes after the insertion of contraceptive implants into the body system. The contraceptives, therefore, force the body hormones like estrogen to overwork in the prevention of pregnancy hence causing swelling or enlargement of the breast that brings about pain and tenderness during the process. Even though the pain and enlargement of the breast will occur for at least three months then the body will get back to normal, it exposes women to attracting breast cancer.

2.      Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast infection

When a woman is on birth control pills or any other contraceptive, especially during the menstrual cycle, it disrupts the normal hormonal process. This disruption causes an imbalance in the vaginal bacteria that regulate vaginal yeast. The bacteria works in normal circumstances to keep the yeast in the body balanced. In a situation where the yeast is not balanced, it will trigger the yeast-producing candida hence causing vaginal yeast infection. When the infection occurs, there will be burning and itching on the outer part of the vagina. The burning causes redness on the vulva hence giving way to thicker and lumpier vaginal discharge. This infection causes severe pain during intercourse and even short calls.

3.      Painful Intercourse

Painful intercourse

One of the major effects of contraceptive use is painful intercourse. Low-dose birth control puts women at risk of acquiring pain during sex along with chronic pelvic pain. Women on birth pills and who have low estrogen have less urge to participate in sexual intercourse. With low estrogen, women may experience dry skin, vaginal dryness mood swings, and painful breasts. When these women are involved in intimacy, there will be less lubrication caused by low libido which causes pain during intercourse. The painful intercourse exposes women to various conditions like Fibroids and endometriosis.

4.      Persistent Headaches


Contraceptives are not only known for birth control but they also interfere with hormones. When some women start the journey of birth control pills, the estrogen drops hence paving the way for headaches and migraine. Women under birth control pills may encounter migraines. This disease might cause various serious conditions including temporary loss of sight and other health issues. Contraceptives and migraines combined lead to vomiting which impacts appetite and weight. Some women’s skin color will turn pale due to migraines. The condition also makes women vulnerable to various activities such as movements.


In conclusion, as much as contraceptives help in various situations, they affect women’s health too. Ladies should use them commendably or avoid them totally to prevent health complications. These contraceptives have destroyed marriages and to stop such happenings, ladies should visit certified doctors or health officials to advise them further.

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