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Doctors Raise Concerns as a New and Dangerous Weight Loss Trend is on The Rise

A dangerous weight loss trend using Ozempic, a diabetes medication, could become life threatening, doctors warned. 


A social media phenomenon on TikTok under the hashtag “#Ozempic” has gained more than 600 million views, where users post their weight loss progress and experience with the medication.


Ozempic is a FDA-approved injectable medication for Type 2 diabetes patients that aims to improve their blood pressure. 


But its increasing popularity for its weight loss properties has several negative side effects, which doctors have urged non-diabetic users to be cautious of. 


Side effects include intestinal obstruction, vomiting, dizziness, cancer, and possibly death if you fail to seek medical attention after experiencing these complications, revealed Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat on Wednesday in her appearance on “Morning with Maria.” 


"Your blood sugar can drop too low, for example," explained Dr. Nesheiwat. “You can have dizziness, you can have vomiting. If you have a history of thyroid cancer, it can reintroduce that cancer into your body. But why it's making headlines now is it's found to cause what's called intestinal obstruction. And that's not a common thing, but it's important that you're aware of these potential side effects. Intestinal obstruction could be life-threatening.” 


This growing trend is not only causing a loss of weight, but actual diabetic patients are losing their access to Ozempic as there has become a nationwide shortage of the drug, affecting 100 million Americans. 


There are other alternatives of the drug such as Mounjaro and Wegovy, but those brands are experiencing a shortage as well due to followers of the trend abusing the drug, according to the FDA. 


Golden Globe nominee, Anthony Anderson, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2002, expressed his concerns about Hollywood’s latest trend and the drug shortage that it has led to.


"I will say this, it's creating a shortage for those of us who need the medicine that we need and not for weight loss issues, but for our health," said Anderson in a PEOPLE interview.  


As this trend continues to sweep across the nation among celebrities and TikTok users, Anderson and many others have resorted to Semaglutide, a drug similar to Ozempic that treats Type 2 diabetes and obesity. 


Dr. Nesheiwat urges Ozempic users who are not diabetic to be aware that their actions are impacting actual diabetic patients who drastically rely on insulin medication. She said insulin is not only to make you look and feel good, but to keep you alive and well.

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