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Emergency in China as 'White Lung' Cases Soar, Prompting Thousands of Parental Calls

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is currently monitoring an outbreak of 'white lung syndrome' among children in China, which has caused great concern among health officials. Hospitals throughout the country struggle to cope with the sudden surge in respiratory illness cases. The high outbreak incidence among children residing in the country's northern regions, such as Beijing and Liaoning province, is of particular concern. The UKHSA is closely monitoring the situation in partnership with international health organizations to understand better the nature of the outbreak and its potential impact on public health.

China has called for vigilance as the nation faces its first winter season since lifting strict COVID-19 restrictions in December. The rise in respiratory illnesses is attributed to known pathogens like mycoplasma pneumonia, a bacterial infection that typically affects children. However, recent cases in children are exhibiting ground glass opacity, commonly known as "white lung syndrome," as revealed in lung scans—a sign of severe respiratory illness.

Worried parents are inundating hospitals with emergency appointment requests, resulting in long waiting queues and delays in care. The situation has prompted increased 'lung washing' procedures involving lavage through a fiberoptic bronchoscope to keep the respiratory tract open. Hospitals that used to perform around ten cases per day are now handling over 50 cases daily, reaching a peak of 67 cases in one day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently made an unusual public request to China for additional information regarding clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia cases in children. Although it has been confirmed that no unusual or novel pathogens were detected, the WHO is seeking more details to understand the situation better. This request comes amid concerns that the coronavirus pandemic could have delayed the detection and reporting other infectious diseases. As a result, the WHO is taking proactive measures to ensure that any potential outbreaks are quickly identified and contained.

According to experts, the recent outbreak may be attributed to lifting of pandemic restrictions, leading to decreased immunity against common pathogens. Professor Francois Balloux of University College London attributes this situation to China's strict lockdown, which has resulted in substantial waves of respiratory infections during the post-lockdown period.

China has faced criticism for not implementing strict measures like mask-wearing or school closures seen in other countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite issuing health advisories and warnings about crowded hospitals. Public health authorities have emphasized that there is no indication of undue public alarm. Still, some experts argue that more aggressive action is needed to curb the spread of the virus. Despite this, China has taken steps to contain the virus, such as implementing travel restrictions and increasing testing and contact tracing efforts. However, the government has been reluctant to implement more stringent measures that could disrupt daily life and commerce.

Bruce Thompson, head of the Melbourne School of Health Sciences, reassures that preliminary data suggests nothing extraordinary and rules out the possibility of a new variant of COVID-19. The ongoing surveillance efforts are seen as a positive aspect, ensuring timely responses to health challenges. Parents, however, continue to face prolonged waiting times for emergency care as they seek medical attention for their children.

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