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Healthy weight has been becoming an increasingly significant issue on the rise when it comes to your healthy body

As you may well be aware, health has been a vital concern for your body’s health, especially a healthy weight. As far as we can imagine this has been the ‘hot topic’ since the beginning of times and even dates back thousands of years when our ancestors used their ancient methods to maintain a healthy body. Have you ever thought about the possibility of there being any link between your weight and the health of your body?

Furthermore, as the technology has advanced it has allowed many GPs and scientists to come across a positive correlation between the influence of an individual’s weight type and their health condition.


Weigh your problems

Being overweight has many severe consequences on one’s health and body, as this is due to an excessive amount of fat on your organs. This then reduces the ability of your organs to work, such as heart disease caused by fatty acids building in the veins and arteries. Nevertheless, being over your healthy weight is never beneficial for your body.

To add to this, one report by a GP that goes by name of Julian Spinks stated in an interview for the NHS that ‘your GP will be able to set some targets for you that will eventually help you to lose some weight if you are overweight. Therefore, even if it seems that you may have a long way for your body to become healthy again, hope never dies.

One patient Elinor stated during an NHS interview recently how during the stage where she was overweight, she ‘started having problems in my back and my knees and after a lot of tests they decided it was weight-related.’ This just goes to show how influential weight is for your body to be healthy. Elinor then later went on to express how after she had lost her weight and came into the healthy band for her weight all her problems disappeared.

In addition, these are not the only problems that are caused by anyone being overweight, as these tend to range from mentally to physically. To sum up, being overweight stops your body from functioning while making the body more vulnerable to non-communicable diseases, that are caused by poor lifestyle choices.

This concern for the healthy body just doesn’t stop here, nowadays the main concern for many doctors is to lose weight healthily and safely as well as maintain it. One study from a recent interview with the NHS has revealed that ‘diet and exercise are more important than surgery and pills to maintain your health.


Tied and pushed to the edge of the rope but still hanging

All may not be lost as there is still hope as long as you are breathing. There are several ways that doctors, GPs, and scientists have proposed to help any individual lose their unwanted weight.

One of the easiest and simplest ways is by changing your diet, as doctors have believed that an 80/20 rule is the most efficient way to lose weight healthily and keep it off. It works by any individual eating whole grains, good fats, proteins, and vegetables most of the time while enjoying their treats sometimes.

Additionally, this 80/20 rule originated from a well-known chef Teresa Cutter, who in her book states that ‘so six days a week, try eating foods that are healthy for the body; make one day a week your 20%.’ This means you can cut fat without cutting your favorite foods.

Nevertheless, this has been proven to be effective and has helped more than 80% of individuals lose weight and maintain a healthy body.


Reborn; Rebirth

Many reports have indicated that losing weight has many benefits for your body, which include both mentally and physically. Dr. Oz a most renowned doctor on YouTube has explained in one of his videos that losing weight cleans your organs from the inside allowing them to function normally.

Consequently, apart from this, numerous qualified nutritionists on the web offer some great bits of advice, but a few seem to be in the trending section of this issue.

Gunjan Shouts is a qualified nutritionist that has reported that healthily losing weight makes you feel lighter, better, good about yourself, and have a healthy gut. Withal, other YouTube channels can be recommended such as Dr. Oz, but it is still best to check with a doctor or your GP.

Nevertheless, other consequences come with losing weight, with the most common being hair fall and lack of nutrients. Hence, why there are loads of solutions, serums, and vitamins to combat these issues.



Also, the concept of health is related to our weather conditions. In Europe, nowadays there is a rise in heatwave storm that is very dangerous to our bodies. In this case, in the UK the met office has issued a ‘red warning’ for the heatwave, as the rising temperatures are linked to a higher probability of skin cancer.

Many schools in the EU including the UK have urged their kids to bring in plenty of water and wear as much sun cream to reduce the number of sunburns.

Nevertheless, reports from the BBC have been coming in from the past couple of days where the met office has urged everyone in the country to not travel unless absolute necessity. Even the UV rays are at a high point, from which the increased amount of humidity and a low dew point has reduced any chances of evaporation and rain as the grass has been burned.

Subsequently, this has caused the death of one 37-year-old man on Brighton beach recently, from swimming in the hot waters. At last, there have been other unaccounted reports of individuals suffering from poor health due to the high temperatures reaching more than 40 degrees. Nevertheless, this has led to many fainting and ending up in the hospital, despite their age.

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