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If He Only Wants You to Have Sex, It Is a Sign of a Toxic Relationship

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Ever wondered what a toxic relationship is and what are the signs to distinguish one? This article dives into signs to be aware of and how to determine a toxic relationship. 

A toxic relationship is a form of relationship that relates to a person engaging in toxic behavior on the side of the toxic partner. These toxic behaviors could be emotionally and physically disruptive or dangerous to their partner.

According to, “ a toxic relationship can simply be one where a partner feels frightened, threatened, and scared to share their opinions because they are nervous and afraid of the toxic person’s emotional reactions."


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Nigerian Writer Ayoola Adetayo explained on the Pulse website that sex is involved in a toxic relationship. “People have been known to remain in bad, toxic relationships for longer than necessary because of the great sex they're getting from a partner. When it is obvious that a relationship no longer holds happiness and all other positive things, people crave, …, both men and women have been known to remain attached to the toxicity of existing affairs simply because of the impressiveness of the sex they're getting from that bad boo.”



What are the Warning Signs If Your Partner Only Wants You for Sex?

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According to YourTango, it was reported that “It is a wonderful feeling to be in an intimate relationship with a man but it has its downfalls. It can be a heartbreaking realization when it begins to dawn that he might only be using you for sex. 

It Further Lists Some Signs Of A Toxic Relationship:

He Did Not Share His Plans with You

When he did not mention phrases such as “When we live together...", "When we are married...", and "When we have kids…” that means he does not want to be involved in that kind of conversation or want to spend his lifetime with you.

He is Seeing or Flirting with Other Women

This situation is a big deal. When he shows an interest in other women, it does not matter whether he is seeking someone else or he realizes that you did not create chemistry with him.  Therefore, he considers you as a “right now” woman.

He does not have feelings for you

Your partner has never expressed three words towards you, “I Love You”. This situation could be very noticeable, however,  it could sometimes get overshadowed by passion. However, it's simple—if he does, he will say it and if not then he won't. 

A toxic relationship is a type of relationship in which a person engages in any toxic behavior toward their partner. Sex does not involve happiness in a healthy relationship. Just because you were hot and steamy with him, it does not mean you created the perfect chemistry.

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