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Is your diet causing mental problems?

There are many different theories when it comes to the link between diet and cancer, but what you probably don’t know is that there is also a link between diet and things like dementia and Alzheimers. Processed foods, red meat, soda, and other highly processed meats have a direct link to causing cancer. Now, not everyone who eats these things throughout their lifetime will get cancer or Alzheimers's, but it does greatly impact the chances. “The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that at least 18% of all cancers diagnosed in the US are related to body fatness, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, and/or poor nutrition, and thus could be prevented.” Much like cancer, diet and exercise can impact your chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer's. 

Alzheimer's and dementia are both caused by brain cells dying which causes those diagnosed with either of the two to experience memory, confusion, or impaired judgment. 


Assistant professor Dr. Klodian Dhana of the Rush Institute of Healthy Aging said, “eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, berries, whole grains, and low in fried or fast foods and red or processed meat, might lower the risk of Alzheimer's as older people age.” Although, It is not proven that if someone leads a very healthy life as they get older and spends a lot of time outside getting exercise, reading books, and eating a clean diet, it can certainly lower someone's chances. There are so many unnatural ingredients that are put into most food and drink items that we see at the grocery store that we don’t even realize we put into our bodies.  


Changes in the brain can occur years before the first symptoms of Alzheimer's appear. These early brain changes suggest a possible window of opportunity to prevent or delay dementia symptoms. Scientists are looking at many possible ways to do this, including drugs, lifestyle changes, and combinations of these interventions,” According to the National Institute of Aging. Just like cancer, there is no cure for Alzheimer's or dementia. There are ways to lower the risk but that can be hard because the brain changes years before the first symptoms are shown. 


A friend of mine who was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago started doing his research about the link between diet and cancer. He immediately made drastic changes to his diet including eating only whole fruits and vegetables, no red meat, no unhealthy carbs, zero sugar, no fried foods, and only whole wheat bread. He also ate two pieces of raw garlic a day and drank 2-3 cups of green tea every day. My friend was able to cure his cancer in less than a year with this diet, shocking his doctors with how quickly he got rid of his cancer. To this day, the cancer has not come back because he still lives with this diet. It is amazing how it is possible to heal our bodies and so many people don’t even realize it. 


High blood pressure is one risk factor for Alzheimer's and there are plenty of natural ways to lower blood pressure. One diet called the Mediterranean diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish has been proven to lower high blood pressure. “Some, but not all, observational studies — those in which individuals are observed or certain outcomes are measured, without treatment — have shown that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk for dementia. These studies compared cognitively normal people who ate a Mediterranean diet with those who ate a Western-style diet, which contains more red meat, saturated fats, and sugar,” another study from the National Institute of Aging. 


The amount of alcohol intake can also affect the risk of cancer. The more a person drinks, the more likely they may be to get cancer. Something you may not think could increase the risk of getting cancer is Calcium. According to, studies have shown that if a person intakes a high amount of calcium in their diet it has been shown that it can increase the risk of getting prostate cancer. Although none of these are proven, there is still no cure for cancer, Alzheimer's, or dementia. Why not try to improve your lifestyle and possible longevity by eating a cleaner diet. Our Bodies react better to clean whole foods and not sugary drinks and highly processed foods. 


“People who developed dementia were more likely to combine highly-processed meats with starchy foods like potatoes, alcohol, and snacks like cookies and cakes,” study author Cecilia Samieri, Ph.D., of the University of Bordeaux in France, told Healthline. “Despite not being consumed in higher quantity, processed meat appeared very central in their diet, that is, connected with many foods,” according to A study done, looked at the combination of these foods in patients with and without Alzheimer's. It showed that those who had dementia had worse food pairings together, as well as not combining healthier foods into their diet and also more exercise.  


Our bodies need foods like avocados which are high in healthy fats. Different fruits that are full of vitamins that provide insulation and help protect our organs. Foods like nuts, eggs, and seeds help repair our muscles for them to become stronger and last longer. They also help build DNA which is vital to having good genetic material to pass along to our children for them to be strong and healthy. Foods that promote good brain health and can help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia are walnuts, salmon, and any other food that contains Omega-3 fatty acids. 


There is still hope for a cure for cancer, Alzheimer's, and dementia but knowing that there are natural ways to prevent the chances of getting any of these we can start by just simply changing the foods we eat. There has been plenty of research that has been done to link diet with these diseases. Along with a high consumption of alcohol and processed foods. There is still more research needed to prove the links and the diets to help with prevention. There is no guarantee a clean diet will prevent any of these diseases, but it can help lower the risk.  


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