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NHS: Waddle like a Penguin - Novel Approach to Avoid Icy Falls

In a creative effort to promote safety during the ongoing cold snap, NHS officials from Greater Glasgow and Clyde have taken to the streets to demonstrate the art of walking like a penguin as a precautionary measure against slips and falls on icy surfaces.


The officials showcased the unconventional walking style outside NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, adopting the distinctive waddle reminiscent of penguins. Dr. Emilia Crighton, the director for public health on the board, emphasized the effectiveness of the technique, stating, "While it might seem silly to walk or waddle like a penguin, the alternative may be a nasty injury or even a time in hospital."

Twitter: NHS Penguin Walking Technique


According to Dr. Crighton, "When it comes to getting around on ice, penguins know best, so when you’re out and about in the next few days, adopting the penguin stance is a really effective way to move without falling."

As part of the campaign, NHS officials shared tips for adopting the penguin-inspired walking technique to avoid injuries during icy conditions:


  • Point your feet out slightly

  • Extend your arms at your sides

  • Walk flat-footed, taking short steps

  • Keep your centre of gravity over your feet


She reinforced the significance of the penguin walk as the UK experiences its coldest period this winter, urging the public to prioritize A&E visits for the most severe falls.


As the country faces extreme cold and icy weather conditions, the NHS advised the public to exercise caution. The Met Office has issued weather warnings, including an amber alert, prompting NHS officials to stress the importance of adopting preventive measures.


The Met Office predicts a weekend washout as the cold snap peaks, accompanied by melting snow. A new wind warning covering the majority of the country has been issued, cautioning against travel disruptions and potential building damage.


In the midst of the severe winter weather, NHS officials are creatively promoting safety with the penguin-inspired walking technique. As the public grapples with icy conditions, adopting this unique approach could be the key to preventing unnecessary injuries and hospital visits during this challenging period.

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