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Pain relief during Periods

Pain relief during periods

Many girls and women on their periods are not allowed to enter into pooja rooms and kitchens.It is the main restriction in a country like India. Menstruating girls and women are also restricted from offering prayers and touching holy books. 

According to the report of NCBI Menstrual pain was reported by 84.1% of women. About 71% of girls in India don’t have enough knowledge of menstruation before their first period, schoolgirls report their dominant feelings to be shock (25%), fear (30%), anxiety (69%), guilt (22%), and frustration (22%). 70% of women in India can’t afford to buy sanitary pads.

Types of period pain

There are two types of period pain 

 Primary Dysmenorrhea 

It only occurs in teenage girls and young women. The pain is caused by the womb contracting to shed its lining. The pain is mainly in the abdomen . This can be eased with some relaxation techniques.

 Secondary Dysmenorrhea 

This one commonly occurs in the mid-twenties or late twenties. It basically occurs after childbirth. Periods become heavier and more prolonged.Secondary dysmenorrhea can be a sign of other conditions like a pelvic infection which may need urgent attention. 

During periods, it is pretty common to feel discomfort around the abdomen, lower back, and thighs, as the muscles of the womb are contracting and relaxing to expel the built-up lining since the egg is not fertilized. 

How to overcome Period pain and menstrual cramps 

Women deal with periods every month that can be very frustrating and painful, however, with a few easy methods we can elevate the intensity of the pain. Home remedies can be used for cramps ranging from mild to moderate but people strongly recommend a doctor in case of severe, unbearable and underlying pain. 

Your abdomen and lower back muscles can be relaxed in an effective way by taking a warm bath or using aheating pad placed directly on your abdomen or under the blanket. It offers pain relief to a great extent.


Exercises are very important as they release chemicals in your body which act as natural pain relievers. A few lights stretch yogawill work just fine. Exercising during the period releases endorphins and also some researches suggest it as an effective way to reduce pain. Activities such as walking are beneficial during periods.

Staying hydrated

It is most important for you to drink plenty of water to reduce bloating and Cramps. Drinking water keeps our body hydrated and also helps to reduce pain during menstruation. Warm water is good for cramps as it may relax cramped muscles. 

A balanced diet

balanced diet where you eat more vegetables and fruits helps during your periods. Try to reduce the consumption of fatty foods. Also reducing salt in food is important as excess salt leads to bloating. 

Gentle massage 

Gentle massage on abdomen with essential oils, even something as coconut oil will offer great relief. A massage of the abdomen for 5 minutes can help to relieve the menstrual cramp. Massaging cream contains essential oils and compounds that can help relieve pain. It helps in blood flow as well. 

Exposure to vitamin D 

It reduces the production of prostaglandins that causes the uterus to contract. A sufficient dose of vitamin D will help in cramp relief.

Acupressure or acupuncture 

These are the therapies that are very effective for a variety of medical conditions including menstrual cramps. 


There are numerous methods to reduce period pain such as physical activity, manual therapy, or physiotherapy. A better understanding of the causes of dysmenorrhea may result ineffective therapy. If a person faces a major problem she can describe her problem to a doctor. She can seek an opinion from a doctor about pain. At the community level, we should create an environment where women can easily or freely discuss her problem regarding periods and the government should ensure that everyone has access to sanitary pads and better sanitation facilities.

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

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