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Simple methods to “De-stress” Ourselves

Everyone is stressed in today's world: whether a toddler, a teenager, or an elderly person, everyone is anxious.

It is not required for only people who work in offices to be anxious: the women who live in the house can also be stressed. Because, either of the stress of people being anxious, the stress of someone going to work, the stress of not finding a job, the tension of restricting someone at home, the stress of tomorrow's test is called.


So, let's see: what can we do to reduce stress-

À  Exercise/Meditation

Exercise is one of the most effective strategies to reduce stress. Even if it sounds paradoxical, physical activity can help to ease mental tension. Regular exercise has the highest benefits, with regular exercisers having less anxiety than non-exercisers.

Exercising helps your body release endorphins, which in turn will help you, feel better and relieve pain. Exercise lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

Sleep: Anxiety and stress impair sleep quality, which can be improved via exercise. Regular exercise improves mental well-being by improving competence and confidence in your abilities.

Confidence: Getting regular exercise boosts mental well-being by promoting competence and confidence in your body.

Exercise routines or activities that involve repetitive movements of large muscle groups, such as walking or jogging, can relieve stress even more than other activities.

À  Listening Music

It is possible to reduce stress by listening to your favourite music. We can usually find something in music, that uplifts our mood before a big event, calms our nervous systems when we're upset, or just about every emotion in between. It's only in the absence of music that we realize just how much it helps us throughout the day.

Since the dawn of human history, music has been revered and studied for its healing and entertaining abilities. Listening to music has been studied extensively for its potential therapeutic effects on mental and physical health conditions, or simply as an everyday stress relief technique.

It is known that stress causes specific hormones and chemicals in the body to be released, which in turn activates your brain. The stress hormone “cortisol” is produced by our adrenal glands when we are highly stressed, and our heart rate and blood pressure rise as a result.

À   Eat healthy food

The food we eat may help relieve stress in different ways. Comfort foods, such as oatmeal, increase serotonin levels, which calms the brain.

The effects of stress can be minimized by eating foods that can lower cortisol and adrenaline levels. A healthy diet can boost the immune system and help reduce blood pressure as well.

1.   Food’s high in vitamin B

2.   Food’s high in omega-3 fatty acid

3.   Magnesium-rich foods

4.   Protein-rich Foods

À   Journal-Writing

Keeping a journal can help with anxiety since many studies have shown that it is an effective tool for improving mental health. There are many ways to maintain a journal:

·      Taking out the Pessimism: It is helpful to write down all the negative thoughts you have, especially if you suffer from negative or overwhelming thoughts. This technique can relieve tension and stress. You should keep writing until you are completely exhausted. Then tear up the paper and throw or burn it to symbolize how useless these thoughts are. To replace the negative thoughts, write new positive thoughts and re-read them frequently.

·      Gratitude Journal: By focusing on the positive aspects of your life, gratitude can reduce stress and anxiety.

·      Success journal: Writing down victories and generating positive thoughts have been shown to reduce stress and worry.

·      Write a letter you won’t send: It is common for your mind to build up a lot of dialogues when you're anxious about an interpersonal relationship or interaction. You'll be able to release some of the extra energy that has been overpowering you if you write a letter to someone that you will not send. Do not send any letters until you feel some relief from the pain.

Although stress and anxiety may affect your work and personal life, there are several simple tips you can use to reduce the pain you suffer. One of these tips involves getting your mind away from the source of stress.

In the contemporary world, “Mental Health” has become a huge matter of concern. Every person is surrounded by stress due to several reasons- unemployment, study and work pressure, financial pressures and so on. We need to “De-stress” ourselves to survive in this world. Charles Darwin talked about the concept of “survival of the fittest”- a conception that applies to all of us. However, “De-stressing ourselves” is the first step towards living a healthy and fit lifestyle. If a person is not mentally fit from stress, he/she will never be able to enjoy mental peace and freedom. It's high time that we realize the importance of “De-stressing” ourselves.

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