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Simple Ways To Reduce Headache Before Visiting A Doctor

Every year, reports indicate that the number of patients suffering from severe and minor headaches increases. With over 180 days per year, a report from the World Health Organization has shown that over 48 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 65 complain of headaches every year.

Continuous headaches can lead to different headache disorders, such as migraines and medication overuse.

Therefore, it is always advisable to see a doctor whenever you have a headache, as it might also be a symptom of a different disease. However, the headaches and pains sometimes do not need serious medical attention but only a few home remedies.

Here are some simple ways you can use to reduce headaches before visiting a doctor for further medications. 

1. Staying Stress-free


The human brain and mind are meant to function normally, and if overloaded with thoughts, it won’t work. On many occasions, people—especially adults—tend to occupy their minds with a lot of stuff, making their brains overloaded and unable to function properly. This overloading of the brain makes it hard for the brain to function normally and, hence, causes headaches. To stay healthy and free from headaches, avoid stress and let the brain relax to avoid headache disorders such as migraines.

2. Keep the Lights Low

Lights Low

In the digital world, adults spend more time on devices such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions, and tablets. The device’s lights might be bright, hence affecting the eye, sending signals to the brain, and causing headaches without the user realizing it. Keeping the lights low is one of the major factors that help in the reduction of headaches, and therefore, as adults spend most of their time on devices, the brightness of the device should be kept low to avoid causing headaches.

3. Regular Hydration

Regular Hydration

When the body becomes dehydrated, the brain always tries to move towards the skull in search of liquid to ease it, causing a commotion on the nerves that causes head pain and headaches. This can be reduced by hydrating. Water is life, and consistently drinking water helps reduce human head pain, which causes headaches. When one drinks water or any other advised liquid, it relieves the nerves, makes the brain get back to its normal size, relieves the pain, and reduces headaches.

4. Use Of Painkillers


In every household, it is advisable to have painkillers available. Minor headaches do not need the attention of a doctor, but a pill that can instantly reduce them. Painkillers are the quickest way to reduce headaches since they are the easiest and cheapest instant medication. However, not all painkillers are responsible for reducing headaches. In a situation where a minor headache is experienced, a painkiller such as a paracetamol pill can help reduce the pain as the victim waits for further examination. This process is way better because it consists of a painkiller and a liquid, which also acts as a pain reliever, in the same process.

5. Caffeine


Not only does shrinking of the brain bring pain to the head, hence causing headaches, but expanding the brain can also do the same and result in headache pain. In most cases, the expansion of the brain is a result of less caffeine in the body. Consuming caffeine is a major factor that can reduce headaches. The recommended caffeinated drinks that someone requires when feeling a headache are black tea or coffee. These drinks contain caffeine, consisting of aspirin -which is a pain reliever- that helps in narrowing the blood vessels and easing blood flow, which reduces or finishes the headache pain. Remember, the process takes at least 30 minutes to an hour to create effectiveness, and if the body consumes more caffeine, it will at the same time result in other side effects.

6. Use a Damp Towel and Ice

Damp Towel

Not only does consuming water help with head pain relief, but using cold water and a piece of cloth is also a home remedy to reduce headaches. Even though this process might take time to be effective, it is also one of the best ways to cool down headaches. Taking a damp towel or ice and placing it around the head where the pain is felt will reduce the pain by soothing it and cooling it down to normal temperatures. This will help in easing the contracted tissues during the pain or high temperatures, resulting in normal blood flow and the required body temperatures.

In conclusion, all the above-provided remedies are only meant to reduce headache pain, not completely treat it. The patient is advised to practice either of the above ways as the most convenient way to avoid further pain, but in the end, visit the doctor for a further check-up. Remember, excessive use of caffeine and painkiller pills with a doctor’s prescription can lead to harm and even recurring side effects.

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