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The Dark Side of Popular Kids in High School

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Who are the Popular Kids?

Peers who label the Popular kids are considered “good-looking,” “athletic”, “wealthy,” “trend-setters,” and “social butterflies” person. Popularity participated in connecting friendships with other popular peers. A scientific-based study shows the difference between “popular-prosocial children” and “popular-antisocial children.”

The Dangerous of Being “Cool”

High School could be a cruel world for adolescents who do not have a chance to fit in. However, if you know the bullying and social isolation that causes the negative impact of popularity. You would understand what happens when the Captain of the Soccer Team or the Queen Bee of the Cheerleader Team after they graduate.

According to the Inc. website, “Personal experience suggests and so do studies, PsyBlog points out, one recent (if small study) that followed a diverse group of 183 teens who attended public high school for a decade, starting in middle school, found that ‘by the age of 22, these 'cool kids' are rated as less socially competent than their peers. They were also more likely to have substance abuse problems and to be engaged in criminal activities,’ the blog report.”



Pseudomature is when popular kids engage in “adult-like” behavior to pretend to be mature or grown. “According to the study, pseudomaturity consisted of three popularity-seeking behaviors: (1) seeking friends who are physically attractive, (2) romantic relationships that were more frequent, emotionally intense, and sexually exploring than peers, and (3) forays into delinquency such as skipping school, sneaking into movies, and vandalism.”

Nerds vs Popular Kids: Who Wins in Adulthood?


Nerds performed better than the Popular Kids in Adulthood. “​​According to a study, those who are less popular as teenagers end up doing better in life than their ‘cooler’ peers. Researchers followed the lives of adolescents for ten years and discovered the ones who were considered ‘geeks’ went on to  outperform the others by the time they reached early adulthood.”

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