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The rise of Polyamory: Open Relationships, Throuples and Sex Parties.

The rise of polyamory: Open relationships, Polyamory and Sex Parties.

Relationships and sex have always been hot topics for discussion. Some are against discussing it in public, while others are mature enough to have a healthy conversation about a natural biological process. Intercourse is just as natural a phenomenon as any other. Interestingly, our “backward” ancestors realized this and have talked about sex and love-making in texts like the Kamasutra to educate and encourage the common man to have an open discussion about sex.

In recent years, the atmosphere of having the freedom to share your opinions and speak freely has made people break away from social norms and finally muster up the courage to accept and love who they are. As a result, we are coming across a huge spectrum of new terms and concepts, some of which are old concepts that we have come to misunderstand through the years.

An example of the latter is - Homosexuality. People consider homosexuality to be a “new trend” that people have created to gain attention or hide their perversion behind labels. Whereas homosexuality has been a real and existing concept since the time of Ramayan and Mahabharat. Even in the recent past, the temples of Khajuraho have inscriptions on the walls telling us that homosexuality was in practice and never considered as a shrewd or perverted practice.

Another burning topic of discussion is Open Relationships. Open relationships are consensual non-monogamous relationships between two able-minded adults. In such a relationship, both the partners are committed to each other, but due to various reasons, which vary from couple to couple, they are involved with multiple sexual partners. 

One of the main reasons why people enter in an open relationship is because the “spark” in their relationship is not present anymore, and if both of the partners feel that the physical intimacy is not as well as they would like it to be, or due to some medical reason or some unfortunate situation, one of them is not able to provide sexual gratification to the other, they discuss and enter an open relationship. In such a scenario, they are free to explore and try out multiple sexual partners aside from their primary partner but still be emotionally devoted to each other. People generally view this as “cheating with permission”. 

Well, cheating is not determined by a strict set of rules. A lot of people consider it cheating if their partner watches porn, whereas some may feel that having sex with someone else is not cheating as long as the partner is emotionally committed to them exclusively. The definition of cheating varies from couple to couple. Every couple has the right to set their boundaries, as they should, provided that both of them have an honest and respectful discussion about it beforehand. Couples who are brave enough to admit the lack of spice in their sex life are not bad people. Everyone searches for their own solutions to problems.

Polyamory, on the other hand, is a more involved process. In polyamory, a person is said to have multiple partners with whom they are involved not only sexually but also invested emotionally. They may have a primary partner with whom they are involved the most, and then both of them decide to have polyamorous relationships with other people, or it could just be one individual having equally emotionally attached relationships with more than one person. This is a more holistic solution to people who feel they are not getting much out of their present relationship as a polyamorous relationship provides more emotional support, care, and love as opposed to a strictly physical engagement. But to each their own.

Nowadays, we are seeing the rise of polyamory, or to put it more accurately, we are seeing people becoming comfortable in admitting that they want to be in a polyamorous relationship because more and more people have started to take an interest in learning what it is and various TV shows and movies including polyamorous characters who aren’t necessarily depicted as “sluts” or “perverts”. Even though the legality around polyamorous relationships is a bit hazy, the court of the public has started to accept and welcome polyamory gradually because people want to educate themselves and welcome new concepts.

A subset of Polyamory is a very interesting concept called a Throuple. The word in itself is merely a conjecture of the words three and couple, but the idea behind it is something very new and intriguing. A Throuple is when 3 adults consensually enter a shared relationship, where all 3 of them are involved with each other romantically and sexually. It is not merely a sexual event like a threesome, where a couple has sexual intercourse with a third person. In a Throuple, all 3 individuals are in love with each other and they come together as an expression of that love. This is commonly observed in Pansexual, a person who is sexually attracted to all genders and sexual identities beings, but they can be of any configurations. 

Currently, the legal status of Throuples in the US is Illegal. Three consenting adults can not enter a polyamorous relationship according to federal law. But a recent court case in the state of Utah reduced the punishment for polyamory from a felony and prison time to a misdemeanor. Polyamorous individuals all over the world are celebrating the first step towards recognizing and legalizing the status of polyamorous relationships.

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Now, coming to one of the most controversial topics of them all - Orgies.

Orgies, aka Sex Parties, are a Greek tradition where the community gathered together to drink and celebrate. It initially did not have anything to do with sex at all. It was started as a means to celebrate and gather together as a community. Over time, the drunk people started having sex, and they never stopped. That is how the modern conception of “orgies” came to be. In modern times, orgies are gaining a lot of traction, thanks to various pornographic sites and the curiosity around the concept of group sex. 

Orgies are still considered illegal activity, if performed on a public platform such as a hotel, a banquet hall, etc. However, the boundaries of legality regarding orgies at private residences are still a bit blurred. And honestly, the courts should not be intervening in such trivial matters. They have a lot of more important topics to judge rather than deciding who a consenting adult has sex with. As long as all the participants show Informed Consent and use sexual protection (condoms, dental dams, contraceptives, etc); it is none of our business to decide who has sex with who.

In conclusion, I would like to ask everyone to treat the people involved in open relationships, in Polyamory, or even in Orgies as people. We should not alienate them just because their choices are different from ours. After all, they too are still figuring out what makes them happy, so let’s not judge them without at least understanding them first.

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