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2024 Presidential Election: Is it a 'No for Joe?'

Another indication of a Biden re-election bid has arisen following the President’s words on Monday claiming he “plans” on running again though “not prepared to announce it yet.” Political pundits await a firm stance, but will it be a No from Joe? And should the President decide to run, will it be a No from America? 


Joe Biden was 78 when he won the 2020 Presidential Election, defeating incumbent President Donald Trump to become the oldest person to assume the office. Immediately following this win, speculation was drawn that Biden would not seek a second term due to his age. Biden never commented directly, though there was always a lingering impression he would cede the opportunity to a younger Democrat of the likes of Vice President Kamala Harris or Secretary Pete Buttigieg. 


If Biden does indeed formally announce, he may find himself wavering his incumbent advantage. Whilst there is usually an advantage for the sitting President going into an election, Biden is currently reported to be facing astonishingly low approval ratings, and mass concerns of voters of his age, therefore, he looks to be fighting an uphill battle. By the end of his potential second four-year term, Biden would be 86. 


In his first term. Biden has managed to pass four major pieces of legislation, even with narrow majorities in Congress. Though there are rumours of a potential challenger on the Democratic side. Author Marianne Williamson has formally announced her campaign for the Democratic nomination whilst Robert Kennedy Jr, the nephew of President John F Kennedy, has also been rumoured to attempt to take the party’s nomination. None of the so-called ‘political heavyweights’ have yet to imply any potential runs, with now Biden assumably a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination.


Over on the Republican side, Donald Trump remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination, after announcing his campaign after the mid-term elections in November. Biden’s popular vote margin over Trump was 7 million in 2020, something he will look to emulate if the two party favourites are set for a rematch. 


Though for Trump he will face a more tumultuous primary, with former Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson announcing his run, as well as former Governor of South Carolina and Ambassador to the United Stations Nikki Haley. Though Trump remains the favourite, an anticipated Ron DeSantis run may also hinder the former President’s chances of a straight shoot to the nomination. 


Biden has yet to comment on Trump or a potential 2020 rematch, whilst Trump attacks Biden on the regular. On his app TruthSocial, Trump stated America “will end up in World War III with these vicious, but very stupid, people in charge.” Given the chaos and viciousness of the 2020 election, a Trump vs Biden round 2 only promises more drama. 


Editorial Credit: Sushmita Regmi

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