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A Dive into the Metaverse

Taylor Dyer

April 8, 2023 

As technology advances, things that were once seemingly impossible are becoming achievable. Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, wants to make it easier for people to interact no matter where they are. This new direction of technology has been spurred by virtual reality, becoming a $30 billion market in 2021 and is forecasted to significantly increase to  $300 billion by 2024


Many people may wonder what the Metaverse will look like once it becomes available. It can be hard to picture and envision something that we have not yet experienced. It is easiest to describe the Metaverse as a virtual space that will utilize both augmented and virtual reality. It is also described as a 3D social network. An avatar will play a significant role in making the 3D virtual space come to life. 


What Will the Metaverse Be Used For?

There are a number of things users will be able to do once inside the Metaverse.

One key feature of the Metaverse involves being able to game. Metaverse for Beginners explains that users can incorporate virtual reality devices to enhance the experience, although these devices will not be required.


In addition to incorporating VR, users will have access to the entire online web. They will be able to make purchases, access information used for shopping, entertainment, etc., without leaving.  


The Metaverse will also be able to be used for things like concerts. Virtual concerts already exist, but the Metaverse can take this to a new level. As Metaverse for Beginners states, the Metaverse enables users to use an avatar or other visual representation of the artist. This is what gives the Metaverse an edge over the virtual concerts we are already used to. The use of avatars will help make the experience more immersive.


When it comes to creating, artists will be able to do more in their own creative spaces. For instance, creators will have access to tools they wouldn’t otherwise have in the real world, which will most likely cost a lot less. 


Just think about the game Rock Band for example. Gamers feel like they are on tour and performing with a physical guitar, instead of just pressing buttons on a controller. That same concept is expected to be applied in the Metaverse because artists can have avatars and become whoever they want.


The Metaverse will also be utilized for educational purposes. It plans to give students an entirely new and unique online learning experience. Very different from Zoom live sessions or other similar aspects often part of virtual learning. 


The Metaverse plans to allow students to explore other countries, historical eras, or even outer space. It will all be possible thanks to VR headsets. Not only that, but knowledge will be more readily accessible than ever before. Students will be able to get the answers to their questions via digital avatar.


So, when can people finally expect to see this new creation? That is still a little unclear. According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, technology to make the Metaverse is still in development, so it could take anywhere from 2026 to 2036 to be rolled out completely.


Edited by: Yasmin


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