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A famous group of hackers declares cyberwar against Russia

One of the world's largest hacker groups known as Anonymous has declared a cyberwar against the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The team's goal is to take down several Russian governance sites. In addition, who is also in the crosshairs of Anonymous is, which is an international TV network under the command of the Russian state. 

The gang has already attacked some of Russia's websites and managed to take them down. It is also worth remembering that in the last week (24), an account of a social network that is said to represent hackers published "the collective Anonymous is officially in cyber warfare against the Russian government". It is important to note that the group took off the air the site that carries out advertisements for Russia known as RT News. After the attack, Anonymous left a warning stating that it would also bring down 

Some of the largest sites used by Russia have also suffered attacks. The Duma, Kremlin, and the Ministry of Defense, for example, were some of the gang's targets. Therefore, each site suffered differently. That is, users said that the group slowed down the platforms or went offline for a long time during the day on social networks, and in some cases, the two situations happened on the same website. Anonymous did not hide that it is on Ukraine's side due to Putin's actions against the neighboring country. 

About Anonymous group

This is the largest group of hackers in the world. The attacks began in 2003. Thus, its initial targets were Amazon, government agencies, PayPal, and Sony. In addition, Anonymous used to reveal several crimes committed by public figures. 

In 2008, he took Scientology church websites off the air and left all the images all black when they tried to fax something. Therefore, some people were in favor of the group and even held demonstrations in pro of the actions. In addition, the group gave a lot of work to the FBI and other security officials because there was no leader and members did not reveal their identities. However, some of the members were discovered and arrested.

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