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A local resident goes to twitter for justice.

Justice is difficult to find in today’s era and that is true. On 7th July, Wednesday, A resident from Louiswadi thane  Dr Ashay sahassrabudhhe went on Twitter for justice. When an individual parked his vehicle in the no parking zone and when the local authorities did not act on it. Dr Ashay decided to take his complaint to Twitter, Requesting @TMCaTweetAway @ThaneCityPolice to kindly tow the vehicle parked wrongly in front of the ‘No Parking’ board and on a road corner, causing much inconvenience to common people. #Thane #RoadSafety Location: Parsik Bank corner, Louiswadi.

After this, the thane city police’s official Twitter account responded, आपली तक्रार वाहतुक विभागाकडे योग्य त्या कारवाईसाठी पाठविली आहे. अधिक माहितीसाठी कृपया 8286400400 ह्या हेल्पलाइन नंबर वर संपर्क साधावा. Your complaint has been forwarded to the Department of Transportation for appropriate action. For more information, please call the helpline number 8286400400. (Translated fom Marathi).

For such a swift reply to the resident did give the police department words of appreciation but with a piece of advice as well, he tweeted, त्वरित माहितीसाठी आभार. जी कारवाई सामान्य माणसाने नियमांचे उल्लंघन केल्यास केली जाते तीच कारवाई इथे झालेली पाहायला मिळेल अशी आशा व्यक्त करतो. कारण नियम सर्वांसाठी समान असतात असं आपलं संविधान सांगते. यातून सामान्य नागरिकांना पोलिस खात्याबद्दल वाटणारा आदर विश्वास नक्की वाढेल (thank you for the information. We hope that you will take the same action that you take when a common man breaks the rules. Because rules are equal for all as it is written in the constitution. This will increase the respect and trust that ordinary citizens have for the police department.