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Achieving Global Recognition: Cowin Gets Demanded By 70+ Countries Abroad

India's technology, being used for assisting the population in the immunization campaign is likely to be provided to all 'interested' countries for free for perpetuity. A product, licensed by the central government would now go global according to the Modi Government.

Dr. R.S. Sharma, the chief of the Empowered Committee on Covid vaccination, stated in an interview that the passport numbers can now also be connected to immunization certificates for overseas travel.

According to one of the experts, the only constraint would be that the software would not be utilized as a platform for commercial purposes or repackaged for sale. He went on to say that on July 5, the government will host a virtual global conclave for health and technology professionals from around the world to demonstrate the software's potential.

He strongly asserted that the Indian government intends to distribute the platform as a licensed product that will be made accessible to interested governments for free. “It's crucial to remember that Co-WIN is a public digital good in India, and it will be shared with other countries in the same way,” the expert said in a statement.

CoWIN had 20 crore registrations in the first four months after its start on January 16th. According to data, 35.4 crore users had registered on the portal as of July 1, 2021. 

India showcased the indigenously designed Co-WIN platform to delegates from 142 countries during the CoWin Global Conclave. The Prime Minister stated that the CoWin platform will be released open-source and available to all countries to battle COVID-19, in keeping with India's ideology of treating the entire globe as one family.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who spoke at the Co-WIN Global Conclave, said that Co-WIN is a digital platform for the world to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. It will soon be available for use by all interested countries, keeping with India's philosophy of considering the entire world as one family.

Several countries, including Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, and Uganda, have expressed interest in using the digital platform to combat COVID-19.

The CoWIN App is a digital platform created by India's Ministry of Health to assist agencies in keeping track of the immunization program. It allows Indian residents to apply for Covid-19 vaccine slots. It is a way to streamline the immunization procedure for various kinds of beneficiaries across the country.

CoWIN is currently serving as the technology backbone for India's immunization campaign. The software allows for an efficient rollout of the COVID vaccination delivery system's mechanism.

Although India is the world's largest vaccine producer, it has faced supply constraints and logistical hurdles in getting Covid-19 injections to as many people as possible. The PM noted that "vaccination is humanity's best hope for effectively surviving the pandemic". Further, he added that India had "straight from the beginning... decided to embrace a purely digital strategy" for its program.

As a result, the PM informed the delegates at Monday's virtual meeting about the vitality of technology to fight against Covid-19 and that "fortunately, the software is one sector in which there are no resource limits." 

Any software whose building blocks are publicly accessible for anyone to inspect, alter, and build on is considered open source. The Co-WIN program, according to the PM, "can be customized to any country as per their local requirements."

The conclave learned that Co-WIN provides a transparent system that permits end-to-end traceability of vaccines. Describing its utility for countries' immunization programs- "... It creates interactive dashboards for all stakeholders, eliminating "information asymmetry throughout the ecosystem."Cowin App Technology

Furthermore, Co-WIN serves as an "active feedback tool" that allows policymakers to follow data on vaccine-related adverse effects. These help in evaluating all vaccinations and "make data-driven decisions."

Co-interoperable WIN's design also makes it simple to explore collaborations in a way that allows private and public parties to build on top of the platform. Its ability to act as a "single source of truth" for all aspects of the vaccine drive is a key feature.

So far, India has recorded 2.98 crore recoveries and 4.04 lakh deaths. The vaccination drives provide a sense of hope amongst people, struggling with the pandemic for two years now.

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