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Adèle Haenel Stops her Career as an Actress for Movies

French actress Adèle Haenel has announced that she is stopping her career as a movie actress due to the patriarchy, racism, and sexism that the movie industry, which she was a part of, imposes on women.

Adèle Haenel has risen and decided to leave the cinema industry for good. She recently published a letter explaining her choice and politicizing it.



A Political Assertion


"Given the bourgeoisie's monopoly on speech and finance, I have no weapons other than my body and my integrity. In the truest sense of cancel culture, you have money, strength, and all the glory you can boast of, but you will not have me as a spectator. I cancel you from my world. I am leaving, going on strike, and joining my comrades for whom the pursuit of meaning and dignity takes precedence over that of money and power," declared the actress of “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” in a letter published by the French media Télérama.

The news shocked social media on Wednesday. Adele is very famous and appreciated by many French and international fans who have dedicated their time to following the young actress.

Many supported the actress. A Twitter user claimed, “She is right to denounce this milieu complaisant, médiocre which only protects rapists.” Another one said, “Adele put her finger on something essential. How do other French actors keep getting indecent amounts of money without denouncing police brutality, pension reform, etc.?”



An Expected Commitment 


However, many saw this coming, as the young actress has never failed to show her support for minorities and stand against racism and sexism women face in the movie industry.


"Within the French cinema industry, there are predominantly traditional narratives that are based on an androcentric, white, and heterosexual perspective, with a marginalization of people of color," she said two years ago in the pages of The New York Times.


The #meetoo movement was a crucial moment in her career, Adele confirmed that from 2016 on she could not pretend that everything was ok, ​​she needed to "denounce the industry's complacency towards sexual abusers and, more generally, the way in which this milieu collaborates with the deadly, ecocidal, and racist order of the world as it is," she declared to Télérama.



Edited by Adedamola Aregbesola


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