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All the Villagers hide in the fields to avoid vaccination : In Uttar Pradesh

  Almost all the villagers ran away and hide in the farming fields for fear of Covid-19 vaccination after the vaccination team reached the town. This incident has happened on 13th June 2021, in a village of Aliganj town, District Etah, Uttar Pradesh. The covid-19 vaccination campaign is running in many villages by vaccination team who visit personally because the people there are not aware, but because of the rumors and news about the fake vaccine, they are scared to be vaccinated that’s why the villagers from Aliganj town got to hide in the farming fields to avoid the vaccination. But the question is, why are these kinds of things happening? Is the government not able to make them aware?

   In cities or in towns almost everyone knows the importance of the Covid-19 vaccination, and aware of almost everything about the vaccination process and all, and from where we all know about that? From the internet, Television, etc. and we are able to check that whether the news is fake or not, but what about those people who don’t have any of these facilities and just believe what they heard from the others. But even those people are completely not wrong because everyone loves their life and doesn’t want to risk their lives not even 1%, so they are just afraid by the death threat rumors about the vaccination, like there is a saying that rumors spread faster than facts.

   According to the sources, in the village of the Aliganj town, after everyone hides in the fields, no one got vaccinated that day and the vaccination team had to go back without vaccinating anyone. So let’s talk about which of the rumors keeping people are scared from vaccination like- Vaccination can result to the Death, After vaccination, you can catch the virus more easily, Could be injected fake vaccine or any other serum, the vaccine can cause serious side effects, vaccination can harm the future breed or generation, etc. these are the common rumors because people afraid to get vaccinated. Are these rumors true? Absolutely Not, these are all false rumors and it’s government or other government bodies duty to clarify these false rumors to the ground roots people who are far from technologies.

   And the cherry on the top is news like these,

  1. Around 2,000 people in Mumbai have been vaccinated by the ‘Fake Covid-19 vaccine’ after inquiry 10 people are arrested including 1 woman, who shared the username and password of Co-win to generate vaccination certificates.

  2. In Uttar Pradesh, Rabies injections were given to 3 women instead of the Covid-19 vaccine, After the DM’s inquiry a pharmacist was suspended and a notice had been given to the medical superintended of the community health Centre.

  3. In West Bengal, police arrested a man who organized a fake vaccine camp, and a man who was claiming to be an IAS officer had convinced TMC MP and actress Mimi Chakraborty to join their campaign, and Mimi also became a victim of fake vaccination.

  4. A 33-years old woman in Madhya Pradesh was given both the 1st & 2nd Dose of Covishield vaccine within minutes, this is big negligence by the vaccination staff, after this woman’s family, created ruckus and the district immunization officer reached the spot as well as the victim’s home to check on her health.


  These are some news that makes people believe in rumors, but these are mistakes that could happen when you are campaigning to vaccinate 1.38 billion people, there can be flaws, but the government and health minister should be more aware to avoid these types of serious mistakes. So the matter is, how to make them believe that vaccine is not a danger but it’s a shield to fight against this Covid-19 virus. The only thing that will work is campaigning to make them believe that it is totally safe and even important, and the government bodies can work on a large scale and also ground-rooted NGOs can also come forward for help.

  It is not that you cannot do this work individually, you can also go ahead and contribute to this work by spreading awareness regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, and we can explain them in easy words like- Vaccine is not at all a deadly combination, it just boosts your immunity system to fight against this new virus, for example- we take polio vaccine, Measles (khasra) vaccine, etc. The covid-19 vaccine is just like these vaccines, and after taking the Covid vaccine it will also protect our upcoming generation from this virus, the vaccine can’t be a reason for death, there is nothing in it that can cause death, it can show some minor side effects side fever, body-pain, etc. but it doesn’t have the ability to kill anyone. And Vaccine doesn’t start work immediately it takes time, every vaccine has its own reaction time, So all this news that comes today that a person has died after taking the vaccine, it is all a lie, it cannot happen, maybe the reason of death is something else. Everyone has a different immunity system, Maybe the vaccine can have different effects on different people but the bottom line it can’t lead to death.


 So the reason behind people's fear of vaccination is just ignorance, which can be removed by giving true information and awareness about the vaccine. Rumors spread daily, but don’t let them overshadow the truth. Get vaccinated and contribute to the nation to defeat this virus soon.


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