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America: A Country Divided

America has been known as the land of the free and the land of opportunity for decades. The American Dream is one that has been chased by millions of people, whether born here or from another country. But political and social discord has been tearing the once united country into two raging political enemies.  

Just a few days ago, the United States Supreme Court made the decision to overturn the abortion case Roe v. Wade, which effectively gave the power to allow abortion back to the states to decide individually. The aftermath of this decision has torn the country further apart as each state makes the decision of whether to allow abortions for its citizens. 

Opposing political and social views have been dividing the country into two sides for years now, with tension and anger growing more with each new issue that arises. This case has acted as just another nationwide catalyst in pushing citizens further into their political corners and away from any chance of agreement. These are no longer discussions being had; they are rage-filled arguments dripping with the motivation of hatred and blame, not understanding. 

The United States of America has not felt united for some time now. As states become more red-leaning(Republican) or blue-leaning(Democratic) in their stances on social and political issues, “the atmosphere of hostility between them grows more corrosive with each passing year,” according to With each state deciding their stance on allowing abortion, citizens will continue to flock to those which uphold the policies and beliefs they agree with. Though this seems logical, it only serves to further divide this once proudly-united country into two seething political factions.

Political discourse has run so deeply into our everyday life and society that expressing one “wrong” opinion could cost someone their social community, their job, or even their life. Many large companies and corporations hesitate to voice their opinions on certain political or social issues because no matter which side they take, they will face severe backlash from the one they don’t support. In an article pertaining to this sensitive situation, The New York Times referenced an account in which the chief executive of a popular gaming company was fired after expressing his opinion on the topic of abortion. In today’s society, simply expressing one’s views on certain issues could result in very serious consequences.

From here, America has one of two paths to go down. Our country can continue on this path of discourse and destruction, most likely resulting in the second civil war we’ve seen in our history. Or, we can relearn how to communicate opposing political and social views in a calm and healthy manner without trying to destroy the other side. At one point, America was the most free and politically secure country in the world. If we can return back to our previous state of unity and strength, we will be able to fix many of the problems we are now facing as a divided country.

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