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Andrew Tate's Freedom is Denied a Third Time

Andrew Tate’s Stay in Jail Has Been Extended Yet Again Things are still looking rigid for the world’s most infamous man of 2022, Mr. Andrew Tate. The former four time kicking world champion and the ultra-controversial Youtube sensation has been denied another request for bail. The Romanian judge has declined Tate’s request since he believed that he posed a threat for flight risk. Tate, and his brother Tristan along with two other female associates, will remain in jail until the end of March, according to Yahoo News. Back in December, Tate was arrested for accusations of human sex tracking for a web cam business he was running for a few years. During the peak of his business, Tate had amassed $600,000 a month with the help of 75 female workers that he had gathered during his reign. 

The former kickboxer had tried to defend his honor alongside with his brother, with a series of videos that he had posted on Youtube and other social media outlets. Andrew Tate's worldwide fame, which had come to fruition in 2022, had come with a barrage of admiration and reverence from a predominately male audience between the ages of 18 -24, and men older than age bracket. His image become synonymous with the “Masculine Ideal,” which encompasses every teenage boy’s dream of fast cars, a harem of loyal, beautiful women in the world, millions in the bank and the freedom to do whatever the hell one wants. With all of the admiration that has come his way also came the hate and critique.

Tate has been quite contradictory figure with sides having their own opinion of him. Some have argued that Andrew Tate has said on record some misogynistic and vial things about women that needed to be met with corrective action, others have argued that it was all satirical material made for laughter. Some have argued that his multi-million dollar has preyed upon men’s loneliness, while other have stated that he was one of the few popular figures speaking openly about the issues of men. During his visits on several platforms, Tate has stated, “Men have always had insurmountable amounts of pressure to become providers and protectors.” During his interview with Tucker Carlton on Fox News, Tate was speaking up for the grievances that so many men have today. “So many men feel like life is too hard… Women expect to be me to be smart, funny, have a nice apartment, lots of money, lots of connections… And social media has made many men lonely and invincible. (Tate, Fox News).

Tate was able to sell that ‘Teenage Dream’, with almost flawless execution. With his website titled Hustlers University, Tate was able to convince thousands upon thousands of young men all around the world that they can achieve what Tate has had for a slim monthly price of $50. However, the fast life of Tate had come crashing down in December of 2022 when the Romanian government had gotten their hands on him. What made Andrew so much money in the WebCam business was his understanding of his target demographic and their primal needs. It is true that men all over the world dream of having beautiful young women calling them by their first name, and Tate understood this down to the core. According to, Andrew had been reported saying, “Men will give all they have,” he said.’ “I’ve seen men sell cars, TVs. With Chloe[model], this guy’s gran passed away and they were waiting for the sale of the house. When the house was sold he’d get £20,000 and promised it to Chloe, to pay for her fake financial problem.’”(

The article went on to talk about the technicalities that went behind creating a façade that would attract his clientele. He added on by admitting, “'It’s a total scam…I have real professionals who are fluent in English behind the scenes getting men hooked, finding out their interests, the name of their dog.” ( In a world as technologically advanced as ours, there is no shortage of sex work and those who profit from it. But the case is different with Andrew. The former kickboxer believes that “The Matrix” had decided to capture him for his “undeniable claims of truth.” No other “online pimp” has ever garnered as much attention as Tate has. His name has become of legend itself. With the amount of notoriety that the Tate brothers have garnered, there is no denying the massive impact that their message has given to all people. The truth does hurt, as the old saying goes. But it appears that it can also get you into a world of trouble. Especially if you become popular because of it.

The Romanian court has denied Tate and his brother freedom for the third time as they continue to place the brothers in detention.

It is unknown how long the Romanian government will hold him and his brother inside the cell doors.

We can only wait.

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