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Andrew Tate’s release from Prison and subsequent house arrest.

Andrew Tate was held in a Romanian prison after several allegations, including: rape, sex and people trafficking, money laundering, as well as forming an organised crime group. This arrest was made alongside his brother, Tristan Tate. After the slew of allegations against the Tate brothers, they were detained for just over 3 months (29th December 2022 until 31st March 2023), and are currently under house arrest. It is reported that the Tate brothers, as well as their accomplices (Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu), will remain under house arrest until 29th April 2023.


The Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) in Romania has identified six victims of the Tate brothers, claiming that they experienced mental coercion, physical violence, and sexual exploitation.



Andrew Tate, the self-entitled “king of toxic masculinity”, has claimed that rape victims need to “bear some responsibility” for what happened to them and blames the sexual violence that these victims faced as consequential of their own behaviour. This is alongside many ‘traditionalist’ comments claiming that women belong in the home, should be subservient to him (or their ‘man’), and that women are the property of men.

This is alongside threats of violence made by Andrew Tate. When asked how he would react to a woman confronting him for cheating, he claimed that he’d “bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck”.

Alongside these horrifying comments from Andrew Tate, he frequently discusses feminism and the subsequent effects that it has on his position. When discussing feminism, Andrew Tate claimed that women need to “shut the f*** up, have kids, sit at home, be quiet and make coffee” (

Further, during his video outbursts, Andrew Tate expresses many ‘traditionalist’ views, claiming that “women can’t drive” and that 18-year-old girls are “more attractive than 25-year-olds because they’ve been though less d***” (



After being released from Jail, Andrew Tate claimed that his arrest was a result of “jealous women punishing him” and that “women understand how to use the judiciary system in order to punish men” (

This bold claim pertaining to his victims’ supposed knowledge over the system reinforces the key problem with Andrew Tate: he refuses to take accountability, and all of his crimes must be blamed on the victims’, the state, or “The Matrix”.


Since being released, Andrew Tate tweeted that he’s been “investigated and followed for over a year across the planet. Subject any “normal” man to this – see what appears” (01/04/2023). This relinquishment of responsibility is frequent with Tate, alongside claims that he is only saying, and doing, what other males wish they could.


So why does Andrew Tate have so many fans?

#AndrewTate has accumulated over 12.7 billion views on TikTok. Whether this is the result of the clickability of his controversial beliefs and claims, the constant drama circulating Andrew Tate, or from genuine fans of the Tate brothers, it still remains alarming. Andrew Tate was previously removed from Twitter, before Elon Musk brought the company out and reinstated the controversial figure’s account.

Whether people flock to the Andrew Tate drama with disgust or praise, it still reflects our current problem: the more views, clicks, and follows this man gets, the more he can continue to (allegedly) harm the women surrounding him.


There have been multiple Tweets in support of Andrew Tate throughout his incarceration and since his release. All of the following tweets were retweeted by Andrew Tate since his release from prison:

31/03/2023: “Women who post on Instagram belong to the streets.”

31/03/2023: “Andrew Tate is what’s needed in todays society.”

01/04/2023: “The Greatest Man on the Planet is back and we’re gonna win this.”


Despite numerous tweets being made in support of Andrew Tate and his release, the most damning are those that encapsulate his grandiose sense-of-self. Andrew Tate often considers himself as a martyr and superior to those around him due to his “hustle”, livelihood, and situation. Since Andrew Tate’s release, he has tweeted pertaining to this:


22/03/2023 “My whole life has been war. That is the difference between me and everyone else. I have knife scars. I have had 87 professional fights. Now I am in a Romanian Jail. I succeed and achieve regardless. And that is why when I speak, people listen. Heroes are built in War.”

24/03/2023 “I can’t accept this mediocre life. I MUST become a king. Remember… the mediocre perish. Only a KING lives forever.”


Despite all the concerning comments made from Andrew Tate since his rise to fame in 2016, one of the most worrying are the claims that he’s been alive for over 2000 years. Raising the question: is this merely a delusional sense of grandeur, or something much more agonising?

Furthermore, when likening himself to a martyr, he often compares himself to fundamental figures within race relations, frequently noting his similarities with political figures who fought for racial equality. In a tweet since his release, Andrew Tate considers himself similar to Malcom X, Martin Luther King JR, and Nelson Mandela. Tate considers these similarities due to their ‘spread of truth’, detainment, and apparent fight for equality. Although the latter point is ironic, given his numerous comments mocking women’s liberation, and implications that women should have fewer rights than men.

Within this recent tweet, Andrew Tate claimed that: “Jail is a common theme on the path to absolute influence over the world. Every great revolutionary has spent some time falsely imprisoned. And every great revolutionary has learned many lessons from their time inside. It's part of the Hero’s Journey.”


the comparison between Andrew Tate and some of the most notorious freedom fighters of the 20th century, is frankly horrifying. As previously mentioned, this reflects a superiority complex that is rife in Tate and explains why he refuses to accept accountability for his actions.


Despite the clickability of headlines discussing Andrew Tate, and video parodies of this public figure (recently mocked in a ‘South Park’ episode) – this story relates to a very real, and present, criminal case that involves several innocent victims.

Andrew Tate’s grandiose sense-of-self seems to have only escalated since his release from prison, as with his apparent fame, but there remains to be several victims of his (alleged) crimes involving sex trafficking, rape, money laundering, and orchestrating an organised crime group. Yet, these victims seem to be unspoken for, whilst Andrew Tate and his co-conspirators get the last laugh.

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