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Attorney General Garland Testifies In Front of Senate

 Wednesday morning Attorney General Merrick Garland testified in front of the Senate, answering a variety of questions concerning domestic terrorism, drug trafficking, and more following concerns that the FBI and DOJ HAVE been weaponized against Conservative Americans. Throughout his hearing, the Attorney General repeatedly refuted these allegations of bias in the agency and noted that every one of his agents are doing their best to protect the nation.

Among the representatives present to question Garland, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Texas Senator Tom Cruz, and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley were the primary interviewers. Sen. Graham opened up the questioning BY ASKING the Director about his agency’s level of concern regarding the “fentanyl crisis” occurring inside of the United States currently, due to HIS and his colleagues feeling that the DOJ IS NOT taking it seriously enough. According to Graham, approximately 70% of Americans are not confident that “the nation is on the right track” due to a “feeling of losing control in our streets, crime is increasing... people don’t feel safe anymore” as described by the senator.

Surprisingly, Graham goes on to suggest solutions to this crisis with similar rhetoric heard prior to the U.S. wars in the Middle East, such as THE designation of “Mexican” drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and holding Mexico, China, and other countries responsible for the “poisoning of Americans”. He also suggests strengthening border laws and changing asylum laws will help restore the “broken law and order here at home”.

Following Graham’s questioning, senators on both sides of the political spectrum were afforded opportunities to question Garland. Senators Cruz, Hawley, and Cotton—Senator from Alabama —each raised concerns about the raid on former President Donald J. Trump’s home in Mar-A- Lago and speculated targeting of his supporters.


 According to these officials, due to “politics” playing a part in the perception of the January 6 Insurrection attempt the participants have been subjected to persecution and unsafe conditions while in prison. Garland denied this rhetoric, stating that he had less involvement than assumed due to the multi-level processes which occurred for each instance of this alleged political persecution.

Other senators questioned the AG on his agency’s actions in ensuring there are no instances of governmental overreach concerning issues such as cross-state abortion travel and preventing harm to public officials like school board members. To this notion, Garland assured officials that his agents are closely monitoring potential threats and mistreatment whether they originate from the DOJ themselves or civilian tips through their hotline.

Additionally, officials from both parties expressed concern about hate speech and physical violence across the nation. Whether this violence stems from hate groups, mass shootings, or protestors the AG remains confident in his team's work and their ability to utilize their allocated resources to help fix these societal issues.

Hopefully, the testimony provided by Attorney General Garland will help Congress draft ideas and legislation that will help curb many of the issues facing the U.S. currently

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