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Balveer Singh issues.

Overview :

On April, 2023, Tirunelveli district's sub-division, namely, Ambasamuthiram, Ambasamuthiram's ASP, Balveer Singh IPS, faced allegations that he committed custodial torture. The accuser says he will torture us like a devil who doesn't know what humanity is. No one human-minded person can do this for another human.

They'll say he was harassing us sexually, physically, and mentally. The press released the video evidence of the victim, which was a big problem in the Tamilnadu state among the social media and press media.


Source of the problem:

The problem started with Mahendra and Bose, who are enemies. One day the Mahindra, Arun, and his neighbors were assembled and discussed usually. That time, the person who was with Bose came that way. Then they fought with each other.

Afterward, Arun was attacked by Bose and his gang. They were damaging his head and cutting him. This all happened in the Tirunelveli district's sub-division, namely Ambasamuthiram.

Then he was moved to the district of Thoothukudi, and Arun was getting admitted to the hospital to get treatment. But he'll not be calm. He'll have the mindset of revenge. So he'll come back to Tirunelveli to take revenge. His two brothers, who are minors, also came to collect him and go to Thoothukudi to avoid the fight.

The Bose and his gang were trying to attack Arun at that time, but the police captured all of them, including Arun's two brothers, who are minors. The head of ASP Balveer Singh kept the arrest. And all of them are put into prison, including the children.


How did he torture them?

The man Chellappa, who was getting tortured by the ASP, gave a speech to the press, saying that he broke the teeth of an accuser by using a stone and cutting blade. ASP put the stone inside their mouth and pushed it. Then he was scrubbing the rock on their lips and tearing the gums. The blood was coming out. It will cause them too much pain. He says we are all screaming because of the pain, but the ASP won't stop the process.

Chellappa says, "First, the ASP wears the glows and takes the lathi for the third-degree process." He will slap and beat us in every part of our bodies. During his custody, we'll face an enormous amount of torture.

An accuser requested the ASP: "Please leave my brother because he is a newly married person." Then only the ASP was crashed into the chellappa's brother's testicles by the glowing worn hands. Two of their testicles were hit by the ASP. This is such a cheap thing to happen in a police station.


Details about Balveer Singh:

 Balveer Singh's native state was Rajasthan. On May 17, 2020, he got the IPS job.

The Tamil Nadu IPS Officers' Association will support the Balveer Singh IPS. The reason is that they are all IPS. So they'll help the IPS.Then.  They'll say that don't spread the news wrong.

Now he was removed from his posting after the issue and put on the compulsory waitlist, as said by CM M.K. Stalin.

In this case, the State Human Rights Commission was summoned by Balveer Singh.


Violation of laws:

The ASP Balveer Singh violated the laws of the constitution. Under-18 people are called "minors." No one police have the right to arrest, put into prison, or use their dominant strategy on minors. The Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) only has the right to suspend children who are under the age of 18.

Balveer Singh was harassing the accuser sexually. No one police officer has the right to slap, beat, or thread the needle inside or outside the prison. Because he is an accuser and not a proven criminal. The accuser or victim has the right to petition the police or the person who slapped them.

In this case, most of the laws were violated by Balveer Singh, who was an ASP.


Current situation:

This is not the end of this issue. The press and others are now deeply involved in getting justice for the people affected by the ASP.




-as reported by Bala Santhosh.


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