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Behind the Mask: Clayton ‘Dream’ Huff Once Again Reveals his True Colors with More Grooming Allegations

Dream, American Youtuber, Twitch streamer and singer who gained popularity around 2019 had always hid behind a smiley face mask and a screen. Over the years questions have arisen, “Who is Dream?” “What does he look like?”. While fans have speculated about Dream’s true identity, these questions would finally be answered, and little did they know, who was behind the mask was not sunshine and rainbows. 


On October 2, 2022, Dream unmasked himself, showing his true self, gathering attention all over the internet.


Clayton Huff, age 24, is the man behind the mask.


Ever since revealing his face, there have been multiple allegations that came out about Dream flirting and grooming underage females and sending sexually charged messages and videos on the social media platform snapchat. 


13 hours ago, a user on X by the name @DreamEv33233 posted a thread with a google doc providing screenshots and videos showing the Youtuber’s actions. Based on the content of the conversations, it appears that explicit photos were exchanged between the two. 


The link to the twenty four page google document can be found here; however it may be a little difficult to open as there is a lot of traffic on the document.


The first instance of Dream’s accusations occurred in late 2022, when a now suspended account by the username, @burner39413705 showed screenshots between Dream and a fan by the name of Anastasia(whose account is now private).


Dream’s response to the initial accusations can be found in a twitlonger he posted here.


After having a back and forth dispute on X with Nicolas Cantu(Age 20, known for his role as Gumball Waterson in “The Amazing World of Gumball”), Dream put out a statement claiming he will make a video showing his side of the story in regards to both of his grooming accusations as well as the video showing him providing Cantu with alcohol.


“I’m not a pedo, I didn’t groom anyone, and what’s being spread in this particular instance is black and white, and I will lay everything out in my video. Including the situation with me being assaulted, and other situations that are incredibly serious.


Just a temporary statement before my video. Please withhold judgement.”


Despite claiming to make a statement nearly a month ago, Dream has remained silent, and things continue to get worse as more evidence against him comes to light.


Photo Credits: Dream Mask Contest by NightstormArtistCat on DeviantArt, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License


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