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Biden pursuits a war trial against Putin, but the conflict continues

Despite the initial criticisms against US president Joe Biden for calling Putin a “war criminal” on 16th March, not even 10 days later that claim sounds dreadfully legitimate. Bucha’s massacre leaves no space to doubts: “Russian soldiers are placing mines under corpses and there are far more worse towns than Bucha in terms of Russians’ cruelties against the civil population” states president Zelensky. Biden continues stating that Putin will be prosecuted for this war crimes and insists that the US intelligence will gather as many details as possible to build a solid trial against these despicable acts; while continuing to support Ukraine with defensive weapons.

Last night president Zelensky posted a video on his socials assuring that in the Ukrainian cities re-captured from the Russian soldiers, the latter did things to the civil population that they haven’t witnessed even during the Nazi occupation of 80 years ago. “They will have to take responsibility for what they have done”, concludes the Ukrainian president.

While peace meetings are now officially suspended, Zelensky grants full access to journalists of all over the world into the re-gained Ukrainian cities, warning that Russians will try to twist reality in their favor, trying to delete the proofs of the violence that they have done, but “they cannot fool the entire world”.

Russian defense ministry called these war crimes claims a “provocation”, declining allegations that its troops killed and tortured civilians, but NATO and European Union are preparing a new pack of sanctions against the Russian economy and Italy announced the expulsion of 30 Russian diplomats from the country; shortly followed by Germany that marked as “unwanted people” 40 Russian representatives.

The International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into whether Russian forces have committed war crimes, which include willful killing, torture, rape, forced prostitution, use of illegal weapons (banned by the Ginevra convention), corporal punishment, hostage taking, unlawful deportation, using starvation as a weapon and shooting combatants who’ve surrendered, among many other acts.

“This guy is brutal, what’s happening in Bucha is outrageous and everyone has seen it” and US too are seeking sanctions against Russia, but when the reporter asked to the president what kind of sanctions are they preparing he replied “I’ll let you know”.

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