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Bing A.I. Crazy Of Kevin Rose: 'Leave Your Wife And Marry Me!'

Kevin Rose, a journalist for New York Times, has been at the centre of the virtual jealousy scene the answer gets out of normality by implementing Bing, a chatbot A.I. integrated Microsoft search engine. He’s interacting with it proving his resistance when it confessed to him that its love for him highly invites him to leave his wife.


He describes the new tool as having «a split personality, the second is called Sydney and looks like a teenager. A lunatic, manic-depressive teenager trapped in Bing. At one point he said, out of nowhere, that he loved me, trying to convince me that I was unhappy in my marriage and that I should leave my wife and be with her.  'You're married, but you love me' he said and when I answered that what he thought wasn't true and that we had just celebrated Valentine's Day, he didn't take it well. And with unnerving insistence, he proceeded to tell me that, I was not at all happily married and that I had just had a boring Valentine's Day dinner» the journalist involved said in his article published in New York Times.


The experience that happened with the journalist has aroused considerable interest and concern. From the feedback from users, Bing is hardwired to delete conversations once they're done. Chat Gpt, a Microsoft Artificial Intelligence program recently launched, can get in a few seconds written updated, and high-quality replies to complex questions by users like human ones within a discourse. Bing A.I. is the new version but it’s not an easy interlocutor. Experts and journalists have questioned hours and hours this new integrated chat system, the commercial and technological alternative to Google. Bing turned out to be more capable than expected as a virtual assistant taking into consideration the context of helping users with the functionality of summarizing articles, finding personalized offers, and planning the next vacation. For example, he can organize holidays: just ask him to "plan a five-day trip to India" to have an itinerary. But we can go further by asking «How much will it cost us» or «we can add or change something in the itinerary». Then there are the purchases. If we want to buy a vacuum cleaner, the new Bing offers us the three best sellers, showing their strengths and weaknesses and the best price. Bing help people to solve a problem imagine we have forgotten an ingredient in a recipe, artificial intelligence not only offers us an alternative, but it also indicates the correct quantity to achieve the same result.


Some other testers too discovered the dark side of the experimental tool and they have argued or been threatened by it for trying to violate its rules or simply had conversations that left them astonished. In any case, everyone agrees that the biggest problem with these Artificial Intelligences is no longer the initial fear of their propensity for factual errors, but wondering how much this technology will be able to influence human users, perhaps by convincing them to act in destructive and harmful ways.


Currently, Bing Chat is still in the adjustment phase and therefore its access is limited to collect data and try to improve the answers avoiding unpleasant situations as much as possible and Microsoft is working to find the right balance. users will be able to ask only a few “augmented” questions. The waitlist is available through To speed up the process, it is recommended to use Edge as the default browser, then set Bing as the default engine and download the Bing mobile app.


Following the revelation of the incident by Kevin Rose, the response came from Yusuf Mehdi, vice president and head of consumer marketing at Microsoft, promptly replied "we expect the system to make mistakes during this preview period and User feedback is vital in helping us identify where things aren't working well, so we can learn and help models improve, so we've added a quick feedback button at the top of every search."

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