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Black Friday Weekend: Is The Price Worth The Cost?

With only three Mondays until Christmas, shoppers in the UK flooded into the ‘Black Weekend’ sales. This event, originating from America, conveniently sits at the end of November, just in time for the preparation of festivities to begin. Both are loved and hated by many; this event includes people camping outside shops to get the best deal.

Furthermore, with the cost of living crisis that plagues Britain, it is unsurprising that shoppers will take full advantage of discounted items. Typically, Britons look for discounted items, which are usually weighed down by a heavy price tag, such as gaming consoles, televisions, or kitchen appliances. In addition, fashion retailers have introduced their ‘Black Weekend’ discounts. Although, these discounts affect the relationship between the retailer and consumer, which encourages 'fast fashion.' This article will define what this sociological, environmental, and economic problem surrounds and the brands facing this scrutiny.

Fast fashion is the process of producing inexpensive clothes with cheap labor to respond to the latest trends. This process has sociological, environmental, and economic problems.

Since 2000, there has been a growth in retail sales and a decline in re-wearing clothes by 36%. This illustrates the dangerous consumer habits of buying more and wearing less from retail and consumer habits, Earth. Org has estimated that over $500 billion (approximately £416,540,000) every year is wasted due to the lack of reused or recycled clothing.

Additionally, according to a United – Kingdom-based charity, this habit has a tremendous environmental impact.  Greenpeace has found that 300,00 tonnes of clothes end up in landfill sites from consumers. Moreover, retailers dispose of their excess stock in a 'cost-effective' way. This 'cost-effective' way includes burning or incinerating the clothes, which are primarily made from polyester. Akin to single-use plastics, polyester clothing takes over 200 years to decompose. This decomposition contributes heavily to the CO2 emissions which are destroying our planet.

Furthermore, cheap fast fashion implies poor working conditions for those who create these clothes. A report by Fashion Network states that the prime culprit of this is a clothing company called 'Pretty Little Thing.' Earlier this year, this company was under pressure when the working and payment conditions were discovered in their Leicester garment factories. The ‘Black Weekend’ offers from ‘Pretty Little Thing’ is exploitative of the workers. The company offered 99% off selected clothing and could still profit from these numbers. This is incredibly concerning because the company can still capitalize on cheap labor.

In conclusion, many Britons races to the sales, which comprises fast fashion, unconscious of the ugly consequences of ‘Black Weekend.’ This article is aimed to spread awareness of the danger of fast fashion in our society, our environment, and our economy. With these issues being brought to the forefront of ‘Black Weekend’ and ‘fast’ Christmas shopping, one must hope that consumers will recognize these consequences.

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