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Braverman Sacked as Home Secretary

Suella Braverman has resigned after being accused of contributing to the tension of the London Protests.


Prime Minister Rushi Sunak sacked Braverman on Monday November 13 after she criticised the police in The Sunday Times, on November 8 of prosecuting far-right demonstrators but ignoring the “hate crimes” from pro-Palestinian marches. 


Braverman had defied the ministerial code, Sunak told reporters, by not consulting Downing Street before going to the news agency.


Asked about her opinions of her termination in office, Braverman, according to The Independent, said: “It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as home secretary”.


In her letter to the PM, Braverman said that she supported Sunak’s role as head of state because he promised to back her “key policies” on education, migration, and EU policy.


She however told the prime minister in her statement that he had “failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies”:You have manifestly and repeatedly failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies. Either your distinctive style of government means you are incapable of doing so. Or, as I must surely conclude now, you never had any intention of keeping your promises.


In an interview with the Telegraph, the leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer said that: “Few people in public life have done more recently to whip up division, set the British people against one another and sow the seeds of hatred and distrust than Suella Braverman.”


Yvette Cooper, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, accused Braverman of “deliberately inflaming community tensions in the most dangerous way. It is highly irresponsible and dangerous. No other home secretary would ever have done this,” according to a piece by the Financial Times. 


Members of Parliament have welcomed Braverman’s termination of employment, but have cautioned that Sunak’s decision will be at political cost.


Conservative MP Rory Stewart said on X, formerly Twitter, that it was a “good  decision” but also a “brave one”, arguing that Sunak will now face opposition in his party: “A good decision by @RishiSunak - and a brave one. But don’t underestimate the support for Braverman’ populist positions. The PM now has to win a tough fight within his own party. This is just the beginning. A lot of politics to come!”


The former Tory MP, Neil Parish said, according to The Independent, that “Rishi Sunak better prepare for war I think because of course she is very much, Suella, the standard bearer of the right of the party.”


Members of Tory party are now calling for a vote of no confidence in Sunak’s position as prime minister. Conservative MP Dame Andrea Jenkyns published her letter  on Twitter, calling for Sunak’s resignation: “Enough is enough, I have submitted my vote of no confidence letter to the Chairman of the 1922. It is time for Rishi Sunak to go and replace him with a 'real' Conservative party leader.


"If it wasn't bad enough that we have a party leader that the party members rejected, the polls demonstrate that the public reject him, and I am in full agreement. It is time for Rishi Sunak to go," the letter read.

Senior Tory MP Stephen Hammond told The Independent  that Sunak was “completely correct” in sacking Braverman, but did not think that the prime minister would face resignation: “All too often the right has shown itself to be well organised and noisy so that the impact is somewhat larger than the reality of their numbers,”

“There may be lots of noise again. However, the PM has chosen to make this a more centrist and centre-right government which will guarantee him more support amongst colleagues.”

Labour Party member, Jess Phillips, called Braverman on Twitter the “worst Home Secretary in living memory”: “Braverman was the worst Home Secretary in living memory. Putting aside obvious ghoulish divisions, she simply didn't understand her job, she didn't do anything to show even a jot of priority to domestic &sexual abuse, she made modern slavery easier for slavers and harmed policing.”


Braverman’s termination has led to a cabinet reshuffle, with Sunak appointing James Cleverly as the new Home Secretary, and former prime minister David Cameron as foreign secretary.


In an interview with Sky News, Mr Cleverly reflected on his time as foreign secretary as a “huge privilege”: "It's been a huge privilege to serve as foreign secretary. And in that time, I've worked very closely with my colleagues in the Home Office cracking down on illegal migration, reducing the number of small boat arrivals.

"And now, as the home secretary, I'm absolutely committed to stopping the boats, as we promised, but also making sure that everybody in the UK feels safe and secure, going around, going about their daily business, knowing that the government is here to protect them. So it's a fantastic job and it's a real privilege to serve."

David Cameron also told the BBC political editor Chris Mason that: “I’m very proud to work with our Prime Minister to try and make sure our country can be as secure and as prosperous as possible.”

He added: “I now have one job as Britain’s foreign secretary, as part of Rishi Sunak’s team, to try and make sure this country can be as secure and as prosperous in a difficult and dangerous world.”

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