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Chinese Chess Champion Suspended After Soiling in Hotel Bathtub

A Chinese chess champion faced repercussions for his behavior after winning a national Chinese chess tournament. Yan Chenglong, the champion, was accused of using vibrating anal beads to cheat during the competition. Following his victory, he was found defecating in a hotel bathroom, raising suspicions that he might have used the act to dispose of the alleged cheating device.

Despite the difficulty in proving the cheating allegations, the Chinese Xiangqi Association (CXA) decided to take action. Yan Chenglong was stripped of his title and prize money, and he received a one-year suspension for causing damage to hotel property and violating ethical standards. The 48-year-old had won 100,000 yuan (£11,000) in prize money for his victory in the tournament.

"Yan consumed alcohol with others in his room on the night of the 17th, and then he defecated in the bathtub of the room he was staying in on the 18th, in an act that damaged hotel property, violated public order and good morals, had a negative impact on the competition and the event of Xiangqi, and was of extremely bad character," the CXA said in a statement.

Reports suggest that on the night of the competition in China's Hainan Province, Yan Chenglong had been indulging in drinking and partying in his hotel room. When confronted with the cheating accusations, he denied them and attributed the bathroom incident to a bout of diarrhea, as reported by Shangyou News.

"Based on our understanding of the situation, it is currently impossible to prove that Yan engaged in cheating via ‘anal beads’ as speculated on social media," the CXA said.

This incident isn't the first time the chess community has been rocked by allegations involving vibrating anal toys. In a previous case, chess prodigy Hans Niemann faced accusations of using such devices after defeating world champion Magnus Carlsen, renowned as the greatest chess player. Niemann refuted the claims, even pursuing a defamation case against Carlsen and, which had suggested he had "likely" cheated in online games but found no evidence of in-person cheating.

Reviewed by: Saarah Farzeen

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