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Covid Spread Reduction Impacts On Student’s National Examination Performance

The Kenya National Examination Council recently released the form four exams which appeared to have improved compared to the 2021 national exams.

According to the Education Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Ezekiel Machogu Ombachi, 2022 recorded 881,416 candidates who sat for their final year exams, compared to 2021, which had only 826,807 candidates who sat for their exams.

Mr. Ombachi added that an increment in student registration of about 6.6% between the years 2021 and 2022, happened due to the outbreak of coronavirus which hit the country in 2020, and cases kept rising in 2021. This pandemic led to the closure of schools and made some students drop out of school completely.

The number of male students who sat for their exams in 2022 was 443,644, which represented 50.33% of total candidates, whereas registered female students were 437,772, taking 49.67% of the total registered students.

Even though there were some improvements in the 2022 form for exam results, many students, parents, and teachers were surprised by the results. Nyambaria School led the schools nationally with a mean score of 10.897 (A-), followed closely by Cardinal Otunga School, which had a mean score of 10.76 (A-), beating all the known top-performing schools such as Alliance Boys High School, Starehe Boys Centre, Maranda Boys High School, and Mang’u Boys, which did not appear in the top five rankings nationally.

Out of all the subjects students sat for, there were improvements in 17 subjects in 2022 compared to 2021, where only 11 subjects did better.

The results read by the cabinet secretary showed that 0.13% (1,146) of total students obtained a grade A plain of 12 points in 2022 compared to 2021 where only 0.14% (1,138) of the total students achieved an A Plain of 12 points.

There was not only a tight competition in examination registration between female and male students in 2022, but also a competition in grades. Female students who garnered an A grade were 271 compared to male students, who were 875.

According to the Kenyan ministry of education, all students with a mean grade of C+ qualify to join local universities. Therefore, out of 881,416 students who sat for their final exams in the year 2022, 173,345 (representing 19.03% of the total) have qualified to join Kenyan universities, compared to 2021, where only 145,776 (17.55%) qualified to join universities.

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Improvements and commitments were seen across the board, with the number of students receiving an E dropping from 46,151, representing 5.6% of total students that year, to 30,822, representing 3.49% of students receiving an E in 2022.

Students with special needs were not left behind, as they recorded 190 (8.8%) students who scored a mean grade of C+ and above.

The ministry further elaborated that it was not the end of the road for the 57.3% of the students who score a grade of C plain and below because they would be given a chance to join Teacher’s Training colleges (TTC), Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and other medical colleges to pursue other pieces of training to gain skills.

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