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Leaving Him With no Life Drug Life In South Africa Destroyed Yizo Yizo star Innocent masuku

Innocent Masuku, better known as Bobo from Yizo Yizo and Bakstena from Shesa, is a South African actor who has since vanished from the spotlight. He hasn't shown on our televisions in a long time, and many have speculated as to where he might have gone. 

Over the years, his life has taken a drastic turn, and things haven't been going well for the actor. It appears that his role as a drug addict on Yizo Yizo, 'Bono,' has come back to haunt him. In a recent viral video, the actor finally spoke out about what happened to his acting career.

Masuku alleges that his serious heroin addiction caused him to lose his job, and that his life has never been the same since.

The former Tshisa star implored young people not to follow in his footsteps and to do better than him. Hopefully, the viral video will reach the proper individuals who can assist the actor in recovering from his addictions.

He is a member of the EFF at the moment. The party is quite proud of him, and he hopes to return to the entertainment sector with their help. 

Drug misuse among South Africans is on the rise, and it is wreaking havoc on our communities and country.

Dagga was a popular substance among some of us when we were younger.

But more recently, we've had medications whose origins we don't even know about. I hope the government can intervene; everyone who uses drugs should be considered ill. Users should also seek help from psychologists, therapists, social workers, or physicians.

Individuals, families, communities, and the country are all being destroyed by these narcotics. Look at Innocent Masuku,he is far from alone, villages and cities are teeming with such individuals. It's excruciatingly painful and depressing.

Individuals facing drug abuse require urgent help and should be close to their beloved ones to help them recovery through the process of rehab .

Although it is not an easy procces but Rehab is better than losing life through drugs.

According to study a number of young south africans end up in drugs when the are faced with serious family challenges and negligence.

Drastic increase number of addicts in South Africa calls for public and private sector interventions.

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