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Ex-President Donald Trump Calls on Protests as his Arrest is Imminent

Ex-President Trump claims he will be arrested on Tuesday. In the wake of the impending indictment of Mr. Trump, he calls on his supporters to launch mass protests. His allies and rivals of 2024’s presidential nominations rallied to his defense after he declared his arrest next week. 


President Donald Trump's arrest would probably be on the criminal case of hush money payments to a porn-star Stormy Daniels. However, there has been no official confirmation that Trump will get arrested. His lawyer also relayed that no communication had been brought up between Donald Trump and law enforcement on Trump’s arrest. 


Donald Trump is the most popular member of his party. He served as the 45th U.S. president from 2017 to 2021. The former president is best known for his unorthodox constitutional changes and ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim countries. 


Ex-premier is also facing several other cases of this nature that are under investigation without no culmination. However, the 76 years old is currently denies any wrongdoing in these cases. 


After calling out to his supporters, President Trump has pledged to continue his campaign for the 2024 presidential election nominations, even if he gets arrested. If Donald Trump gets indicted, it would be the first that aU.S. president will get charged. 


Former vice president Mike Pence says that the idea of arresting an ex-premier of the U.S. is quite troubling to her. Likewise, it’s astonishing for tens of millions of Americans. Pence continued that Donald Trump is going to launch a campaign in the coming weeks for the Republican nomination. If he gets arrested, it will cause political chaos. 


Apart from that, the former president faced criticism from his rivals. Democrat Nancy Pelosi says in a statement that Trump’s announcement was reckless. According to her, he did so to remain in the news and cause unrest among his supporters. Pelosi continues that he can’t hide from the law after disrespecting elections and inciting violence. 


President Trump’s past investigations of a Russian conspiracy, two impeachment trials, and Mar-a-Lago have made him more popular. This indictment could have a similar result as it might make him more favored rather than decrease his popularity. 


Donald Trump has a blue base of supporters who could turn any situation into violence. Last year, his followers attacked US Capitol on his call for protest. 


The Manhattan District Attorney's Office declined to leak any further information regarding the arrest of the former U.S. president. But the Association Press has reported that law enforcement is conversing about security preparations in New York. Henceforth, it is evident that they are anticipating an arrest of Trump in the coming weeks.


Despite predictions of Donald Trump's arrest, he is expected to appear at a rally in Texas next week, according to a statement by Steve Cheung, spokesperson for Trump's campaign. 


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