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Freevee Original Jury Duty Brings New Beginning of Workplace Comedy

The minds that brought The Office brings another workplace comedy called ‘‘Jury Duty’’ set in a courtroom environment to show the inner workings through the eyes of one juror to the world. 

 The first episode introduces a similar tone to the standout electric characters from The Office and other workplace comedies. The first episode sets up the process of jury duty and what jury duty is like while pointing out a person’s reasons to get out of becoming a juror. 

 With an open mind, the show has potential from the first episode alone, following the next one right after. The two episodes express a funny and personal take, but there is a familiarity that would not be spoiled.

 The two episodes bring a character introduction, especially a celebrity cameo shown on the promotional banner. In the few episodes, the show utilizes celebrity appearances when necessary for laughs to break up the courtroom/jury premise. The few episodes hold the appeal for another new season set around new jurors and a new case, but by the next episode becomes another crime/investigation drama which touches with the audience. 

The episodes return to the silly and absurd humor known for injecting an outlandish character that might remind audiences of a character from The Office. The next episode, roughly around episode five, is the aftermath of the previous and resumes the same courtroom proceedings where the jurors are witnessing while continuing the same dynamics amongst the jurors outside the juror box.

The most enjoyable thing about this show is the first few episodes played for laughter amongst the jurors and everyone else about not knowing who this celebrity cameo is but is also a juror. It certainly shows the celebrity cameo is in on the joke and embracing it with tons of energy from his previous roles. 

The case where the jurors witness every episode does set up as an actual thing that doesn’t happen often, but uneventful circumstances do occur unless audiences served jury duty before and know the kind of proceedings resume in the courtroom. ‘‘Jury Duty’’ premise shows a difference from previous comedy series in recent years where audiences would draw connections to the reality show genre.

Episode five doesn’t reveal much where there is no massive climax or mic-drop from previous sitcoms audiences might have watched. ‘‘Jury Duty’’ executing humor, whether expressed as silly, outlandish, or offensive to some audiences. In the next remaining minutes of each episode, the humor feels not as scripted but as something that would appear on reality television. 

The last episodes wrap up with the final reveal, which some audiences might have hinted at earlier from the first episode when the celebrity cameo appeared on the screen.


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