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Global NATO: The Proposal Of Lizz Truss

British Foreign Secretary Lizz Truss recently discussed establishing a Global NATO to defend common interests and pursue shared aims. However, her speech refers mainly to the Indo-Pacific region, especially the Taiwan issue. Considering these words, as it was reasonable to think, Beijing and Moscow did not appreciate the intervention of the Truss. In their thoughts, the intention to establish a global NATO corresponds with the desire to continue to propose military unilateralism to tackle other global powers.

With the future addition of Sweden and Finland, therefore, NATO is preparing to increase consensus towards its organization. Despite this, recently, it has suffered setbacks due to poor organization and coordination. This could also be an attribute to the United States' strong desire to participate in European and international politics to a lesser extent.

Global security issues are also increasingly central to national planning. Still, in recent years, NATO does not seem to guarantee the status of the leading actor that characterized it after the Second World War. At the same time, the Chinese foreign minister criticized the organization for fomenting conflicts outside its sphere of competence.

In any case, Truss's comments could be contextualized in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The emergency put in place by Putin's military actions highlighted how, first, the European Union and then NATO were unable to avoid this war, mainly due to short-sighted choices.

It, therefore, remains to be clarified what the role of the "Global NATO" would be in geopolitical terms and world security. Undoubtedly, it would unite member countries under common directives and shared aims. The doubt that arises concerns the intensity of the actions taken and the sphere of influence that it could exercise. Let us not overlook the possibility that the strengthening of NATO could scare other world powers such as China and Russia, forcing them to take anti-democratic actions.

Negotiations should be carried out with the main competitors to expand such an influential organization to avoid the scenarios described above. And consequently, outline the objectives that this organization intends to pursue. A possible hegemonic push could further destabilize volatile geographic areas, achieving the exact opposite of the initial aim for which NATO was created.


Furthermore, transcending the mere spheres of competence while assigning a diplomatic role would be desirable. Prevention and collaboration remain two cornerstones of prolonged periods of peace. In fact, military intervention should be the extrema ratio. Accustomed to thinking of the Cold War or the two World Wars, we are inclined to believe that two opposing blocs must apply to an inevitable battle for hegemonic control. But as we noted recently, several wars could have been avoided with some diplomatic efforts and inevitable compromises when it comes to geopolitics. In a historical period where the arms race is hotter than ever, arm wrestling is no longer a sustainable strategy and risks causing irreversible consequences. Now is the time for NATO and its member countries to decide what strategy to adopt, as those recently implemented didn’t bring the desired effects.

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