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Gun Laws in America, Will it Ever Change?

Following recent gun violence attacks, Congress is forced to reevaluate its previous policies. Within the last few weeks, multiple gun violence instances have scarred the nation. Uvalde Texas Elementary school suffered a mass shooting killing 19 students and two teachers. In a supermarket parking lot, located in Buffalo New York, a gunman killed ten people and injured three. According to USA Today, on Sunday, June 5th, the city of Philadelphia mourned the loss of six lives while 25 people were reported injured. The abundance of gun violence within America has always been a concern, now citizens and political officials alike struggle to change policies regarding gun violence, here's why. 



According to an article published in NPR, while it remains a possibility to change gun laws, the topic itself has become more polarized among those in power, making it difficult to enact real change. When congress is divided, it is challenging to come to a solid conclusion promptly. The President’s power is limited in this case, as executive action can be easily undone.


The interpretation of the Second Amendment as a whole is another challenge, causing the movement to halt. The Second Amendment states that the people have the right to bear arms and that their rights should not be violated. Over the years, the meaning of this vague phrase has been viewed in a variety of ways. According to CNN, New York state has passed several bills within the past few days, in response to the massacres. New York's bills are an attempt to make access to guns stricter. While New York state progresses in this direction, members of the Supreme Court, with a more conservative view, are working in opposition to said laws. Many of the right-leaning Supreme Court Justices are in favor of guns and the amount of access America has allowed everyday citizens to have.


Money Matters 

A major Blockage when it comes to tightening gun laws is the role that the NRA and other pro-gun groups play in politics. The NRA has played a major role when it comes to financial support for Republican candidates. An article published in THE HILL, confirms the NRA’s lobbying power. Over the years, the group has become less detrimental to the outcome financially while still infringing a “fear factor”, and preventing stricter gun laws. 


Gun laws within the United States are now, more than ever, at the forefront of people's minds. It has been a constant battle to change the laws that have been enacted years ago yet, it seems as though the change will be a slow and gradual process. 


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