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HSI Rescues More Than Two Hundred Dogs From Death

Dog meat is a time-honored practice in many other parts of the world, especially in some African and Asian countries. It can be rationalized as a staff of life, just as chicken and beef are in Western cultures. Often travelers to these countries confirm what type of meat they consume before eating it. Dog meat is commonly consumed in Asia. More than 30 million dogs are killed for human feeding, as estimated by Humane Society International, an international animal protection organization, aimed to rescue dogs from the such ranch and to provide the farmers with alternative ways to make a living.

Recently, HSI rescued its 18th dog meat farm from the contract to join the HIS Models for Change program, launched in 2015. Seventy-three years old Mr. Yang has been framing dog meat for more than 27 years for human consumption in Asan-si, in South Korea’s Chungcheong province. For about two months, the HSIs were convincing Mr. yang to join their program. Finally, he agreed to sign the contract not to involve any business engaging in animal abuse for twenty years.

However, after the contract, the first few months were difficult. They had to pursue  Yang to provide a healthy environment for his dogs, such as appropriate food instead of leftovers from nearby restaurants. Later, Yang's attitude toward dogs changed slowly.

Last Wednesday, the rescuers cautiously went to a closed, dusty jail and moved the dogs into mobile kennels. Lee Sang-Kyung, the campaign manager of HIS, said that With fear and anxiety in the dogs' eyes, most of whom had never experienced meaningful interactions with humans seemed confused. They said the dogs relocated to US and Canada and will begin the adoption search.

"In the early years of the dog meat industry, no one reported dog meat farms for violations or criticized the industry. But as time has passed, animal groups like HSI/Korea have appeared, the world is changing, and so are Korean people. I'm a member of the dog farmers association, and I know how the Dog Meat Task Force is going. The compensation and phase-out period are the issues now. But regardless of the Task Force's recommendation, I was planning to leave the industry in a few years, so when I talked with HSI/Korea, I knew it was a good opportunity to leave now. I plan to do cabbage farming and share my crops with local people. HSI will rescue the animals, and I will help the people with my cabbages." - the statement given by  MR. Yang to HSI.

Once all dogs are shifted, he will start cultivating crops and vegetables with the organization's help. They said the previous dog meat cultivators are engaging in other alternative businesses. "One dog meat farmer began a water-tank truck rental business, and now he owns about ten trucks," said Lee of HSI.

HIS estimates there are thousands of dog meat farms nationwide, and many are illegal and unregistered, so the government cannot collect official data. However, the overall industry is changing. Higgins said, citing the Asan case. "Even a farmer who has legally registered his or her business, who has nothing to fear from the authorities, is determined to leave the dog meat industry," she said. Adding to it, she said that the South Korean government should take steps and push up the improvements to the situation.

The ultimate goal of HSI is to shut down all dog farms. They said that to achieve the goal, they would need the government's help. 

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