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Increasing Covid cases in festival season

The states of Bengal, Assam, and Himachal Pradesh have begun to show spikes in Covid-19 cases after the Durga Puja/ Dussehra celebrations in the last week. The absolute numbers are not too big, but they still pose a serious threat in the upcoming days. On Saturday, India recorded 15,918 fresh Covid-19 cases. Although Covid-19 data was not available from Manipur and Jharkhand until late at night.


The covid cases in Bengal show a clear spike in Covid-19 infection. On Saturday itself, Bengal recorded a total number of 974 fresh Covid-19 cases. This has been the highest single-day count in Bengal in the last three months since 10th July 2021. In the past four days, the daily case count in Bengal has consistently been more than 800. In the last week, the state has recorded 5,560 fresh Covid-19 cases. These cases are at a 28.4% rise over the cases recorded in the previous week, which was 4,329. This rise in the percentage of cases could be an overstatement as the detection of cases was hit at the time of the Durga Puja festival last week.


Next to Bengal, Assam has also seen a significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the last week. There has been a 50.4% spike in the fresh Covid-19 cases in Assam in the last seven days. The total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the last week in Assam was 2,187. However, in the previous week, a total of 1,454 Covid-19 cases were recorded in the state of Assam.


Himachal Pradesh is another state which showed a spike in the fresh Covid-19 cases in the last seven days. On Saturday, Himachal Pradesh recorded 257 new cases. This was the highest number of cases in over a month. Earlier, 345 cases were recorded on 21st September 2021 in Himachal Pradesh. The percentage rise in the number of cases in the last week has been 38.4%. The number of cases recorded in the last week was 1,265, whereas only 914 cases were recorded in Himachal Pradesh in the previous week.


Kerala accounted for a major part of the number of fresh Covid-19 cases in the country on Saturday. A total of 8,909 new cases were recorded in Kerala on Saturday. Maharashtra also reported 1,701 new cases on Saturday, followed by Tamil Nadu in 1,140.

Death Rate:

On Saturday, the total number of death cases reported in the country due to coronavirus was 159. The death cases were lower than the previous two days, which 202 and 231 death cases respectively. Kerala had recorded 99 death cases on Friday, whereas only 65 on Saturday. However, the fatalities in Maharashtra were 33, Tamil Nadu 17, and Bengal 12.


The number of cases due to the coronavirus has been on the rise in a few states. Although, the death cases have not spiked yet the situation is alarming. The number of cases could also increase in the other states in the upcoming days. As the season of festivals is continuing, the risk of infection has also increased. People tend to relax a little during these times and forgo the safety measures advised against covid-19 infection. This leads to a greater risk of getting infected with the virus. Safety measures should be followed in all situations so that a check is kept on the increasing cases.

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