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Indian CEO Condemned on Twitter for Prioritising AI over People

The CEO and founder of the ECommerce company Dukaan, Suumit Shah, has been criticised on Twitter for choosing an AI chatbot for his customer service sector over his employees, where some have now been let go. In response, Shah claimed that his AI chatbot has increased profitability and overall efficiency of his company. 


This created an outburst of outrage on Twitter, with comments flooding condemning the CEO’s actions. 


Meet Suumit Shah - an aspiring journey of business and technology

                                                                                          Suumit Shah, Asian Page

What followed was a series of tweets, in which Shah stated in a BBC article that “though laying off staff had been a tough decision, it was necessary.” The predominant reason this tweet gained as much publicity as it did is because of the recent panic over the near future where AI is starting to replace people and gain a bit too much control over human decisions. 


In an article from the Guardian published in early June, it stated that “more than 300 industry leaders published a letter warning AI could lead to human extinction,” and that the same industry leaders said that this recent AI threat should be considered with the seriousness of ‘pandemics and nuclear war.’” 


Furthermore, the website Authority Hacker states that “35% of (current)businesses have adopted AI,” and that “9 out of 10 organizations support AI for a competitive advantage.” This therefore explains why there was so much public outrage at Shah’s attitude. 


Man to Machine: How to Reboot Your Humanity - Hongkiat

                                                                                    Man into Machine

In the same BBC article it quotes some of the responses, one user asked "as expected, didn't find any mention about the 90% staff that were laid off. What assistance were they provided?" and another stated that "maybe it was the right decision for the business, but it shouldn't have turned into a celebratory/marketing thread about it.” 


However, Shah did say that although he did choose to use more AI in customer service, the company at large is still advertising multiple job opportunities. Shah has been very supportive of his own decision. Shah, as quoted in the BBC article, stated that "in the age of instant gratification, launching a business is not a distant dream anymore," that "with the right idea, the right team, anyone can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality."

Taking a positive spin on what many fear to be the start of the ‘AI doomsday’ countdown. 


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                                                                                Quora, AI Doomsday

The website Authority Hacker supports this, projecting that in the future “AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.” However, although there are positives and negatives, the public fear and anger towards Mr Shah still shows our combined uncertainty and possible naivety when it comes to the topic of Artificial Intelligence.  

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