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Is China Brokering Israel-Palestine Peace?


China and Palestine agreed to strengthen their bilateral relationship in June 2023. The President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, visited Beijing on June 11. This visit aimed to negotiate peace and include China in the peace talks between Palestine and Israel. This visit was his fifth official visit to China. The Chinese Premier Xi Jinping hosted the first Arab leader in Beijing in 2023, and he gave a speech about the scope and the strength of China's close relationship with Palestine. 2023 marks the 35th year since China established diplomatic relations with Palestine.


The Israel-Palestine Conflict is one of the most prominent West Asian conflicts that has devastated the region. The United Nations enforced a mandate to partition the British Protectorate of Palestine into Arab and Israeli states. Under the United Nations Resolution 181, the partition was unwelcome by the Arab community, who had claimed Palestine as their native for centuries. When the British troops began withdrawing from the region, Palestine and Israeli forces committed offenses against each other. There were attacks on Jewish hospitals after 1948. Israel and Palestine subsequently fought three conflicts, leading to a massive loss of life. Both nations did not respect the boundaries drawn by Resolution 181. Both sides violated the land belonging to the country. Israel and Palestine have not reached a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


President Xi announced an investment worth 23 billion dollars in 2013. The money was directed toward infrastructure and rehabilitation causes and donated to the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum. Fifteen billion dollars from the funds' amount was allocated to Palestine. To facilitate peace, Israel and Palestine signed the Oslo Accords. On the surface, the Oslo Accords portrayed the two parties as equals, but a negative power imbalance exists. Despite the shortcomings of the peace process, China is eager to support the peace process. 


Historically, China shared a warm relationship with Palestine. Beijing intended to cultivate reliable connections within the Arab world. China and Israel shared an excellent economic relationship under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s. Fast Forward to 2023, both presidents of Palestine and China commented that they are good friends and partners. President Xi told President Abbas that China is eager to continue the aid that will help with infrastructure building and reconstruction efforts in Palestine. Since 2016, China has constructed more than 40 buildings and built the Palestinian Foreign Ministry building. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said President Abbas is an old and longtime friend of the Chinese people. He added that China supports the Palestinian people in restoring their national rights and legitimate claims of a nation. 


In an interview with the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, Palestinian official Abbas Zaki mentioned that the Chinese and Palestinians are friends who are closer than brothers. China has risen to prominence in bilateral relations since Xi Jinping's presidency. With investments in Africa, Brazil, Chile, and now Palestine, China has built a network of solid and supportive allies in the developing nations' realm. Several governments, including the United States, have attempted to broker peace between Israel and Palestine. As official visits continue, it will be up to the efforts of China and Palestine to reach an amicable end to the endless conflicts.

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