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Is the Public Pressure on Biden Justified? - The Dilemma of Abortion Control

 Is the Public Pressure on Biden Justified? - The Dilemma of Abortion Control


Since the US Supreme Court ruling, states individually have the power to change their own abortion laws. This means that they have the option to ban abortion early than 12 weeks.The US runs on a majority system, which means that each state is able to act according to whether there are more Democrat or Republican Representatives represented within their borders. 

The New York Times has launched a project to track the status of abortion laws in different areas. According to this report, at least 10 states have now banned abortion and an expected 50% of all states are expected to follow suit. Conversely, some state governments are planning to expand the options and accessibility of safe abortions - states including Washington, New York, and California. 

In the meantime, the new order has caused outrage among the citizens. The minority of a state where the majority is deciding on abortion feels helpless and underrepresented. This has been a continuous debate regarding the electoral system of the US as well. The powerless - practicing their right to the freedom of speech - started to protest to express their disagreement. 

As the Supreme Court judges are independent of government, their ruling cannot be overturned by anyone, including President Biden. Regardless, the people of the US are demanding that their head of state takes action immediately. Due to public pressure, Biden has signed an executive order to advocate the position of his party.

The growing pressure on the President is becoming a heavy burden as the civil society of the US carries on - resisting to give up the fight. An article of The New York Times draws attention to the fact that Mr. Biden is 79 years old and that this can pose a real threat to his current status in office. The President finds himself in a complicated position; his hands are tied to take further action while his voters are urging him to express more effort.

Nevertheless, as BBC News reported, people have mixed feelings about Biden’s actions: some believe he has to implement more serious steps, while others say the executive order started a process in the right direction. The BBC further explained that the system is what is at fault here. The system created a situation where the outcome cannot be altered in any way by another arm of the government; however, if the system’s rule is thrown off, what order remains to keep the country together?


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