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Days and years were passing by but the abuse of women has not changed to date. Even now in any one of the corners of the world, someone would be abused by someone sexually. It has become a part of every girl’s life.

As per my tally, all the girls from my contact have been abused at least once in their life. Should this be considered as a reality of life? Is it not an action to be ashamed of? At least once or twice a week, we can hear some news about sexual abuse on a girl. It has become regular news nowadays.

Abusive animals:

Whenever we enquire about a girl, what were the things they scare during the times of loneliness and at the dark places of the dark? Most of the answers from a girl would be men. Girls were no longer scared of dogs and demons no longer, most of the girls were afraid of men.

And once again it happened in a school, near Coimbatore. She was abused by her teacher. Even a school should also be a scary place for a girl? Where should a girl go without any hesitation?

Murder in a School:

After these pandemic days when all the schools were reopening. This 11th standard girl has also returned to school, which was situated in RS Puram. There she was sexually abused by her Physics teacher, K Mithun Chakkaravarthi. She has suicide and requests in a letter, not to let go any of those abusive animals.

Mithun Chakkaravarthi was mentioned as a so-called Physics “teacher”. He made a friendship with this girl and started flirting with her all the time. Even when the girl was not interested in any of his flirts. But she has continued speaking to him because she doesn’t know how to avoid a teacher, whom she must respect.

One day she was asked by that teacher to attend the class earlier in the morning. But she alone has asked to bring her books to another floor of that school. There he locked her in a room and abused her with wrong touches. After that she completely avoided that teacher.

She has asked her parents to change her school without giving them any reason. She has not informed anyone. She was unable to concentrate on her studies and got mentally disturbed. She was pushed into depression. Since she couldn’t handle it by keeping with her, she shared it with her male friend, and he has complained about this to the school management.

Even after complaining against the teacher, the principal has blamed her for being friendly with the teacher. They have asked her not to share those things with her parents, since she is also a victim. Without the knowledge of the parents, the school management has given a counselling to her. They have also not dismissed him from his job, instead asked the girl to take it easy as if a man was rubbing a woman in a bus.

She was also changed from the school by her parents. Since she couldn’t accept the blame on her, she wrote a letter and hung her shawl.


She has also left WhatsApp chats and audio clips as a proof for the police to take charge over the abusive animals. She has also mentioned two other names along with the teacher’s name.

The audio proof gives a suspect to the police that he might have misbehaved with many other girls too. He was arrested under the sections 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code, sections 9 (l) (whoever commits sexual assault on the child more than once or reputedly) and 10 (punishment for aggravated sexual assault) of the POCSO Act.


Many Justices claim the girl also as a victim, because she has also flirted with that teacher. She has texted and chatted with him.

She has clearly mentioned in her text;

“You are a teacher and I didn’t know how to avoid it.

I thought doing so portrays me so bad in front of you.

Even I tried to avoid you in many ways, blocking you, telling my eye aches, coming late from tuition and all..

Even then I couldn’t avoid you completely.

I seriously didn’t like talking to you that way.

I wanted to act cool so I didn’t act rude in the beginning. I never knew you could go that far. ”

Justices should think twice before letting a word. She is not even a major and couldn’t avoid that animal.

The cruellest part of this issue is the school management itself has cornered her by blaming her for being friendly with that teacher. The principal has advised her to take it easy as if a man was rubbing a woman in a bus. Being a woman, how a principal shall mention such an undervalued phrase to a student. Even the victim was not dismissed from the school. He was allowed to stay in the school at the same position. Is that school a safe place for students to study? Do the justices allow their children to grow in this environment? Even Justice has become selfish at this time.

Is this legal:

I wonder when the principal advised the girl to take it easy as if a man was rubbing a woman in a bus. Is it okay to rub a woman on public transport? Does the law state it is legal for a man to rub a woman in a transport? How stupid it to hear a such a degraded words from a person who runs a management. Many people are using the same phrase to console an abused girl. Who gave such rights to a man? Which law states it is fine to rub a woman in public transport?

The girl did not take this decision because of that teacher’s abuse alone, she took this decision because of the cruelty done to her by the school management. She was strong enough to complain against the teacher, but the management blamed her and pushed to take her life by herself. Since she doesn’t want any other girl to be abused in that same way. She gave her life as a sacrifice. Because of their foolish behaviour, she has ended her life. The main victim is the principal, counsellor (who counselled her) and the teacher.

Legal action to be taken:

The punishment for that animal would be for sure. But where should the change take place? Change must be from “YOU & ME”. It is not to the one who had get caught publicly alone. This must be a shame on each of us.

We all have abused someone in our life in one or the other way:

        When we remain calm while abuse is taking place in a public transport,

        When we give stupid advise for a person who was abused,

        When we do not take it personal when another girl is being abused,

        When we stop our family woman not to share things of abuse to anyone for the sake of family’s reputation,

        When we are avoiding teaching our children to be brave enough against abusive animals.

        When we regret to teach our children about sexual topics.

All these were also an abuse. Punishment should be given for us too.

  Victim is YOU & ME.

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