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James O'Keefe's Journalism Falters After Chasing Dylan Mulvaney in Beverley Hills

James O’Keefe, the controversial journalist, made headlines on April 15th when he caught transgender activist, Dylan Mulvaney, unaware at her hotel before confronting her with trans controversies.


O’Keefe was previously the editor of video-journalism site, Project Veritas. He was fired from the page after allegedly bullying his employees. He claimed to expose Dylan Mulvaney for being a “hypocrite” as she was claiming to be at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. The move was simultaneously praised and condemned, but the video did not split across the regular US party line.Instead it bordered on the simple morality of his practice. 


The video begins with O’Keefe ambushing Mulvaney in the lobby of the Four Seasons before repeatedly asking her irrelevant questions about the ongoing problems in the US prison system. Disgustingly, he asks Mulvaney for comments on the stories regarding transgender women raping biological women in the female prisons. O’Keefe very smugly corners Mulvaney as if he has caught a fly that has been pestering him for some time. Fortunately, Mulvaney acted very very calm and ignored O’Keefe before making her way to an elevator. She then requests that he please not enter the elevator with her and that is where the video ends. 


This is O’Keefe’s first video since being fired from Project Veritas and it seems he felt the need to make a splash. Chasing down and quite literally forcing a story out of Mulvaney is quite the let down for those who admired O’Keefe for actually challenging individuals in positions of power. O’Keefe’s last video at Project Veritas was of him confronting an employee of Pfizer about their role in allegedly creating new strains of the virus to then produce new vaccines. 


It makes sense that O’Keefe would jump on such a hot ticket item and the ideal candidate would be Mulvaney as the political right has been up in arms about her recent sponsorships from Nike and Bud Light. O’Keefe made the choice to chase her as it appeals to his base and would generate lots of views not just from his own fans but also from Mulvaney’s supporters who will share the video to garner support for her. Mulvaney can take reassurance that even O’Keefe’s usual supporters are recoiling from his latest “journalism” piece and labeling his new video nothing short of harassment.  


Whatever your opinion of O’Keefe’s method of undercover journalism, the latest video of him ambushing Mulvaney has generally been considered harassment. It amounts to paparazzi chasing celebrities for photos. There is no journalistic integrity present in his work and his attempts at “guilt by association” should be held in contempt. Whatever criticisms can be levelled against Mulvaney, being responsible for the rape of biological women in the US prison system is not one of them.

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