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Killer Manoj Sane Chopped his Partner’s Body, Pressure Cooked, and Roasted Her Parts

Mumbai: Manoj Sane(56) is claimed to have strangled his (34) live-in partner Saraswati Vaidya in their rented flat on Sunday. The incident occurred in their rented flat on Mira Road. He purchased a chainsaw worth Rs 4000 the same day. Sane proceeded to slice the body which he had earlier pressure cooked and roasted on the gas stove. Sane took pictures after committing the murder. He also did online research about how to dispose of the body.


Police have recovered the legs of the victim and two bags of cooked body parts. 


The 200-volt electrically powered chainsaw covered in blood was purchased from a hardware store in Bhayander (east) and has been seized by the police. A tile cutter worth Rs 1000 purchased by Sane has been recovered by the police. The Naya Nagar Police are still confused about which weapon had been used for the murder.


After his license was cancelled last month Sane lost his job at a ration shop. He told the police that Vaidya was an orphan who didn't work anywhere and had died after consuming poison. He had panicked and tried to dispose of the body by cutting it into small parts. Two plastic buckets, a plastic tub and a brass pan containing boiled body parts were seized by the police from the flat. Manoj Sane who had allegedly murdered Saraswati Vaidya had tried to get rid of the body in a gruesome manner.


DCP Jayanth Bajbale added that “Sane had claimed to have got ideas from the Shraddha Walker case. But we have to get the motive behind the case”.


While food blogger Aftab Poonawala killed and then chopped the body parts of his live-in partner employee at a call center last year. The incident occurred in May when the accused used to refrigerate the body parts. Sane purchased five bottles of Nilgiri (eucalyptus) oil to delay the body’s decomposition. Sane slept in one bedroom while the body parts used to lay in the kitchen and the other bedroom.


The murder came to light when the residents of the seven-storied cooperative housing complex named Geeta Akashdeep near Geeta Nagar claimed that an unbearable scent was coming from flat number 704. The residents called the police when after repeatedly telling Sane about the scent he rubbed it off and walked about wearing a mask.


Police claimed that the body parts were chopped in the common bathroom and after that, they were pressure cooked and roasted in the kitchen. Sane had rented the flat three years ago. The legs were not left to be chopped and cooked and three bags of chopped and boiled body parts were seized from the flat. The bags full of body parts were sent to J.J hospital.


Police added that Sane may have choked the body parts through the toilet. Residents have complained about choked toilets and drains which made the police suspect a possible crime. As the investigation progresses, police have started opening the septic tanks of the building as well.


The flat in which Sane and Vaidya had been residing belongs to Sonam Builders and had been given on rent. The residents thought that they were a married couple. The rent agreement bears only the name of Sane, not Vaidya.


After the murder was discovered, residents claimed that Sane was feeding the cooked body parts to the stray dogs in the locality. He carried body parts in the back bag and the building CCTV camera caught him entering and leaving the complex. Police still haven't obtained the footage of Sane leaving to dispose of the body parts after the murder. Police added that the CCTV footage is stored after 15 days.


Police haven't ruled out the possibility of a planned murder. After Sane lost his job at the ration shop from where he used to earn Rs 5000, they paid a rent of 10,000. Police added they might have fought over financial expenses. 


Sane had been getting Rs 35000 from the rent of flat 701 of seven stories at Sane Residency in Borivli. The tenant who had been living there for three years claimed that advance cheques were given to Sane. Sane deposited them every month. Sane never harassed them and told them to go ahead with the repair work of the flat.


The property on which the building came in 2008 belonged to the Sane family. Four flats in the building belonged to his relatives but no one had any ties with Manoj. Residents said no one visited the flat and no one knew about Vaidya.


Sane told the police that Vaidya was an orphan, they met in the ration shop where they fell in love many years ago.


They stayed in the ‘G’ wing in the Mira Road complex for five years until they moved to ‘J’ wing where the murder took place. Police are trying to trace Vaidya’s relatives. Sane will stay in police custody till June 16.


Sane is repeatedly changing his statement during interrogation. Police have been cross-verifying his statement.


Edited By:Shahnawaz Chodhry

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