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Letter to Pause Artificial Intelligence Receives Backlash

Taylor Dyer

April 7, 2023

A letter signed by thousands of technology experts, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is demanding a six-month pause in advanced artificial intelligence research The letter is receiving a lot of pushback from tech experts like former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

Previously, the group stated in a 2015 open letter that they supported the development of artificial intelligence to benefit society, but knew there were possible risks. However, the experts are now warning the advancements in artificial intelligence make it more dangerous than before. 

They used OpenAI’s GPT-4 as a warning sign, stating, “it is more accurate, human-like, and can analyze and respond to images. It even passed a simulated bar exam.” Ironically enough, Musk actually co-founded OpenAI, which Microsoft now backs

Why Is Pausing AI Such a Big Deal?

Some are arguing that pausing AI research will make the United States more vulnerable at a time when concern is growing among tension between China. Some argue that this would give China a competitive advantage in the field.

However, it is currently unclear what a pause on advanced artificial intelligence research would look like. Although, it does appear that competitors would gain some sort of advantage from this.

Why Some Believe a Pause Won’t Work

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates says pausing AI research would be impractical and not help solve the problems ahead. He said AI research could instead be used to help reduce some of world’s worst inequities.

Gates also said he does not understand how a pause would work. According to Fast Company, it is unclear if this means that all countries would agree and if they agree on why they are doing it.  

Artificial intelligence is still something that we are trying to understand and get used to. This is because it is still relatively new and has allowed us to do things we could not have dreamed of many years ago. That includes things like having access to information without being near a computer, phone, or some other mobile device. That is why Silicon Valley investor Rober Siegel believes a pause is virtually impossible. 

Considering the overwhelming amount of AI support, enforcing a pause on research will be tough. It is going to be even more challenging to regulate that pause. At least for right now, AI will not be going anywhere anytime soon.



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