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Literature Lives On!

  1. Kagiso Sejamoholo Phutiagae is a magnificicant poet and painter  he grew up in Wolmaransstad .He started writing in the year 2016 after noticing how skilful he was when painting pictures with words. In the year 2018 he reached a milestone of 500 poems and still is writing more English and setswana poems. He is a published setswana poet at AVBOB Poetry in setswana category.

He is always uploads poems on his Facebook timeline for his followers, he says he uses his poems to motivate and build his followers. As such this is evident in his poem ‘’Aluta Continua’’ the most praised protest poem at Sol Plaatje University under #FixSPUHowever his writing is diverse on social issues , cultural differences , romance , education system , anxiety etc. Kagiso is currently busy with his collection of poems. Besides poetry kagiso is studying Bachelor of education in Sol plaatje University.

Kagiso also known as Kay-Poet-Gee , who is not only a writer but also a poet believes that through writing there is so much that can be achieved in our society. He continued to say that his goal is to be a winning published writer. He started painting and making music in (2021) exploring one of his talents, he also started doing stand up poetry at Northern Cape Theater to which he appeared more than 5 times.

His book consists of  well written poems written in an indigenous language Setswana and the tittle of the book is AFORIKA TSOGA O BONE which translates to “ AFRICA WAKE UP AND SEE”. AFORIKA TSOGA O BONE is one of the  powerful poetry book written in an indigenous language -Setswana ,with well written poems, this poetry book talks about the currents situations in our society and the past events that affected our ways of living in the past up to today.

It talks about our economy which affects everyone in the society. This book is a weapon that can enhance courage to those who feels like they have lost ,it tickles the system that looks down on black people with inferior lenses.

Like most poetry books it also talks about love, the heartbreaks , the beautiful side of love , the wedding parts of life , pregnancy and having to follow the traditional ways to do things of which love demand ,love at first sight , and more paths to which love takes. 

It covers family parts, the role of a father ,a role of a mother , a role of a child , there are some poems that describe a grandmother dancing while the grandfather is enjoying the music. “It stretches to our African traditional waysthis book AFORIKA TSOGA O BONE will make a reader remember who they are and where they come from it paints a true identity of Africa” he said. 


Some poems inside this book talk about South African heroes who fought the apartheid regime like Nelson Mandela, Robert Sebukwe , Steve Biko ,Winnie Madikhizela Mandela and many more. He says that some poems are motivational poems food to the soul, giving the reader hope to live again and find pleasure in the most simplest things of life. Amongst the poems written in the book we have poems about diseases that affected our lives , diseases such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS , Ibola , COVID-19 etc .

He saythat this poetry book is like a bible it has it all , it also have poems that talk about death and life in details. It also touches on artificial intelligence, not forgetting  the new age churches and the effected they have on how people view religion. In addition to that how churches have turned into money making schemes . 


With the high rate of young people consuming drugs excessively, Kagiso wrote a poem dedicated to that  conveying a message about how that turns them into slaves. It also entails racism, hence it affects everyone in the society. 

Kagiso says that he was inspired by the environment that he came from, seeing that  his people, his community did not have a voice he decided to be their voice the voice for voiceless.

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