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Londoners take to the streets, shout anti-vaccination slogans, and demand no COVID restrictions

The efforts taken by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop another spread of COVID-19 has sparked discontent in his ruling Conservative Party. Yesterday, David Frost, a Brexit minister, has quit due to the new political turmoil.

On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators went to the streets to protest against the measures taken by the British government due to the Omicron variant. This protest showcases the already existing apprehensions among people about the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill, along with a strong disagreement with the measures taken by the Boris Johnson government to deal with the current surge in cases.

The London protests are a resultant of people's mounting concerns over their loss of freedom, fostered by the COVID restrictions and introduction of vaccine passports.

The advisory makes COVID passports mandatory at venues with potential crowding. In the coming days, people will be suggested to work from home while wearing masks to public places with mass gatherings.

Multiple news coming from London suggests that the protesters met with violent clashes with the police while protesting against the medical apartheid and vaccine passports in London. Most of the marchers were not wearing masks during the demonstrations. They went to Parliament Square around noon on Saturday and were later seen in a scuffle with the police, throwing beer cans and metal railings. This incident left the authorities with minor injuries, as reported by the Sunday Times. The protest at Parliament Square saw sloganeering like "How do you sleep at night?"

News reports suggest that this protest was organized by Together Declaration, which is an anti-vaccination group that holds a stance against mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports and universal testing, the London Express reported.

Even though the authorities in London undertook a range of Plan B measures, including urging people to work from home, encouraging them to wear face masks, and introducing COVID Passes, the pandemic's cases reached a record high by reporting around 90,000 of them. Still, no lockdown has been imposed.

Before the restrictions under Plan B were exercised, pubs and restaurants were doing well. According to estimates, the hospitality business would revert to 95% of pre-pandemic levels of commerce. Customers are cancelling bookings to protect themselves and their loved ones throughout the Christmas season as a result of Plan B procedures, which have damaged consumer confidence.

Pubs, taverns, cafés, and other eateries have already suffered the third decline in business, with a further 22% drop expected in December (iNews).

According to a Guardian and Independent inquiry, the Prime minister spent around 15 minutes with workers in a social event on May 15, 2020, telling a colleague that he earned a drink for combating coronavirus. This becomes another gathering where Borris Johnson has surfaced flouting COVID protocols, as WION shared recently. It will be intriguing to observe how the British government responds to public requests while also coping with a tarnished image that makes it even more difficult to win people's trust.

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