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Long time News Anchors, Lemon and Carlson, Fired

Don Lemon, probably the most famous television news anchor in all of America, has been “given the boot" from the CNN network after 17 years of taking part in the show. The long-time news anchor had made striking comments about women in sports, politics as reported by several sources. Don Lemon has had a variety of controversial statements thoughtout his time at CNN but this one took home the cake. But women seem to be a problem for Don Lemon. According to, Lemon had made shrewd comments about Republican candidate, Nikki Haley, about her “prime”, which alluded to the woman’s most fertile years being way past her.


The article titled The Interview That Got Don Lemon Star Sacked From CNN, it went into further detail about how Lemon further made comments about the peak, fertile years of a woman. “The 57-year-old host asserted that Nikki Haley, 51, another Republican presidential candidate, “isn’t in her prime, sorry” adding: “A woman is considered to be in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s.”( Ms. Haley decided to answer back by asking if the anchor meant to say if she was past her child bearing years or the years to be president. It appeared that Lemon was trying to provide a simple lesson in human biology class but to be honest, those comments were uncalled for.


According to, executives at CNN “had decided to let Lemon go once his popularity with the audience had waned.” ( It may be possible that Lemon had noticed his numbers declining and sought to re-vamp it by making controversial statements. Nothing beats drama when it comes to attracting eyes and ears.


Anti-women rhetoric has always existed within the parameters of mass media. However, whenever a major voice such as Don Lemon, Andrew Tate come and spew such ideas, it comes at a great cost. If one is against women, all hell breaks loose. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in the last few years. The media companies crack down on any one with misogynistic points of view and perspective.


According to sources, Don Lemon was more upset about the way things ended at CNN. According to, Lemon believed that no one from the management team had informed of the network’s decision to part ways. However, the television network informed the public that they have tried to get in touch with Lemon, but he decided to respond on Twitter. ( It may be possible that Lemon was trying to garner positive publicity on the way out.


Another famous news anchor was kicked off from his respective news network. Mr. Tucker Carlson, the (now) former news anchor for Fox News, and the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, was booted off. The reasons were different from that of Lemon’s. Carlson has gotten into trouble for going against the grain regarding political, social and racial issues, specifically the election of 2020 and conspiracy theories. According to sources, Carlson has influenced audiences to push conspiratorial rhetoric surrounding the Covid 19 regulations and lockdowns and the January 6th Capitol Riot. Carlson provided a platform for Andrew Tate to explain some his controversial takes on women, the pandemic, and the current state of masculinity in Western civilization.


Controversy statements have never made for good career moves.



This is a lesson that both Carlson and Lemon have had to learn the hard way.

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