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Maharashtra is on high alert due to COVID instances increasing in other countries

Asia contributes the most to the global total, accounting for more than half (48 percent) of all new cases reported in the previous week worldwide. In response to an increase in instances throughout the world, the Maharashtra government has instructed all districts to be careful and fully abide by the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

"In the last 24 hours, most of the states and nations have registered the huge number of new COVID-19 positive cases since the pandemic began two years ago." "Some new variations are suspected of fueling diseases in Israel and other nations," he wrote in a letter dated March 17, 2022, and sent to municipal commissioners and district officials.

According to Vyas, officials must ensure that people avoid crowding, adhere to tight precautions, and be aware of influenza-like infections. He also instructed districts to accelerate mass vaccination campaigns. Also, Vyas stated that the Indian government is closely monitoring each and every surge in COVID-19 cases, and therefore they might take appropriate and necessary steps if required.

According to Our World Statistics, the global seven-day average of new cases, which had been declining since January 24, 2022, bottomed out at 1.48 million instances per day for the week ending March 2, 2022. Since that day, the number has increased for two weeks in a row, reaching 1.75 million instances per day for the week ending Wednesday, a spike of 18%.

In terms of nations, Asia contributes the most to the world's population, accounting for 48 percent of all new cases recorded in the world in the previous week. It is closely followed by Europe, which currently accounts for 42% of all new cases reported globally. Despite having less than 0.4 percent of the world's population, Australia and New Zealand account for 3% of the cases.

However, a further examination of these figures reveals a more complete picture of what is going on. The majority of nations in Asia and Oceania experiencing near-vertical spikes in infection rates are those that are only now experiencing their first Omicron epidemic, a tendency that was seen in almost all countries that saw spikes caused by this variation in December and January. Among these are Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia, all of which were previously more successful than others in keeping the Omicron variant outside of their territories.

The most worrying effect of the surge is being experienced in Hong Kong, which has the awful distinction of having the worst epidemic ever reported in any country. In the week preceding Thursday, an average of 37.6 individuals died in the island state for every million citizens, the greatest figure ever recorded anywhere else on the globe.

"We've thrown restraint on the weather and are acting as if the epidemic has ended." Many people are abandoning the use of masks.

Presently, it's China and Europe, but this will surely emerge in a country like India soon, said Dr. Wiqar Shaikh, who is a consultant at Prince Aly Khan Hospital in Mumbai, as well as a professor of medicine and the head of the medical unit at Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital in Mumbai.

Between the third week of December 2021 and January 2022, Maharashtra had its third wave, which was mostly caused by the Omicron variation; the highest number of cases was recorded on January 12 this year, with 46,723 cases. On that day, the state's testing positivity rate was 21.87 percent.

The daily caseload in Mumbai peaked on January 7, 2022, when it reached 20,971, accounting for 51.24 percent of the state's total of 40,925 cases. On the same day, Mumbai's test positive rate reached 29.77 percent. Since then, the number of reported cases has consistently dropped.

Maharashtra recorded 171 new cases on Friday, with three deaths. The state reported a 0.37 percent positive rate, with 171 new cases registered out of a total of 45,201 tests. The overall number of COVID-19-infected people in the state since the epidemic began is 7,872,203.

Mumbai had 48 new cases with no deaths, bringing the city's death toll to 16,693. At the moment, the state has 1,680 active COVID-19 positive patients, with Pune leading the way with 622 patients, followed by Mumbai and Thane with 317 and 168 patients, respectively. The death toll currently stands at 143,765, with Pune leading the way with 20,163 deaths, followed by Mumbai with 16,693 and Thane with 11,869 dead.

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