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Migrants From All Over The World Are Smuggled Into America Through Canada

The United States has been facing an unprecedented amount of immigration in recent months at its northern border. Migrants from different countries have been flying into Canada and sneaking across the U.S. border.


New York, New Hampshire and Vermont border patrol agents issued a statement to The New York Post, saying they have seen more people crossing the border in the last few months than ever before. These officers patrol the area of the Canadian border called the “Swanton Sector.”


The Swanton Sector chief, Robert Garcia stated that between October 2022 and December 2022, there had been over a seven-hundred increase in migrant arrests compared to the previous year. In December, the US arrested a total of four hundred and forty-one migrants.


Entering the United States without proper documentation is a crime. Additionally, given the frigid temperatures at the Canadian border, crossing the border unlawfully can have devastating consequences for the migrant.


Chief Garcia mentioned how that the weather conditions make “traversing unfamiliar territory perilous.” He went on to explain that the border patrol has had to provide life-saving aid to migrant families because of adverse weather.


One family after flying to Canada from India trying to cross the border ended up passing away due to the conditions at the border on January 19. The parents and their two children hitched a ride in a van with other Indian migrants that belonged to a Florida man who agreed to smuggle them into the country.


After traveling for more than thirteen hours to get into North Dakota, the family ended up freezing to death when Border Patrol found them.


Five migrants encountered by assisting agents were experiencing severe cases of hypothermia and frostbite. They were taken to a nearby hospital for their injuries.


Smuggling cases overall can be deadly. A horrific case of migrants being smuggled into the US involves the death of forty-seven migrants in July 2022. They were discovered in the back of a tractor-trailer unresponsive after experiencing extreme heat.


Border crossings in the northern part of the United States have also increased crime rates.    


One Mexican migrant who was arrested at the border assaulting a federal agent, he now faces a year in U.S. federal prison.


The Canadian border of America is not the only border crisis the United States is dealing with right now either. America’s southern border faced an unprecedented amount of migrant crossings in 2022.


Pew Research center reported that encounters with the migrants on the US-Mexican border remains at an all time high, with the border patrol apprehending and/or expelling over two hundred thousand migrants. In November 2022, 68% of the migrants encountered were apprehended while 32% were expelled.    


House Republicans have been particularly critical of President Biden’s handling of the border crisis and have suggested they might consider drawing up articles of impeachment, according to the New York Post. Impeachment claims also concern the Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas.


House Republicans claimed that Mayorkas lied to Congress about how dire the situation at the border was. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert stated, “secretary Mayorkas has refused to address this crisis. But we won’t. He regularly lies to the American people.”


Despite the claims of false testimony, Republicans want to impeach Mayorkas for not addressing the problem and saying that it is only emboldening the drug cartels and putting migrants in danger.


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